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75020 EP

75020 EP






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP Limited Edition



Release date

Jan 30, 2020

La Menace Records is a french parisian independant label.

Pressing of the first vinyl which brings together 4 tracks from various artists, speaking on the 20th district of Paris.

Influenced by all styles of music possible and imaginable, we tried to offer something very varied, exploring house from several angles : from old school refreshed with groovy sounds and lines to hip-hop jams, through much more minimalists atmospheres.

This first EP is the first part of a musical creation project around Paris : this first disc is made, among other things, with various recordings made in the streets and metros of the XXth district.

On the first side, house in the rules with the Groove Boys Project : a deep track based on the 909/303 combo.

Next, Max's track, in a more electro house register, will transport you directly to Belleville with its captivating cadence.

On the other side, you will find 2 pieces that go further from the current definition of house.

First, Pasta Mool's track, in a more minimalist style, sort of progressive and atmospheric minimal-tech house, will enchant the more perched among you.

Finally, as many samples used in house are also in boom bap, Soufflé Caramel, who does not only strip tease, has concocted you a hip hop track resolutely focused on samples, kind of a bonus track that we all wanted.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Groove Boys Project - Ligne 11 Express



MLM - Ishoua Dans Belleville



Pasta Mool - Gambettaz



Soufflé Caramel - A Journey In Menilmontant


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