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KMA60 Exclusive News

REZ16sixteen coming right up on our home label Rezpektiva this time featuring UK duo Forces Of Nature (Paul Chambers & Anthony Reeves). After producing many a good record for the 'Clean Up' label, singles and albums also followed alongside releases on LTJ Bukem’s Earth series and their own Tundra Records imprint (check this out). This EP (Jupiter) was originally recorded for Passenger Records the label from Aquasky back in '98 and has been fully remastered. It's a totally unique sound - future junglist breaks and techno sounds, while simultaneously reaching back to the jazz of the 60s and the soul grooves of the 70s and 80s for inspiration.
REZ15fifteen will soon 'Forthwidth' be with us on our home label Rezpektiva this time once again featuring Dan Handrabur on the buttons. Produced under his Dreamlogic alias with an EP originally released on Interchill Records in small numbers from 1997 - it's a clinic in proper Electronic music with heads down marching house & techno pumpers alongside downtempo emo-floaters.
New series UNPHAZED kicks up with four tried and tested dancefloor heaters. BIG !
Chat Noir Tools continues to dig into the new scene to put the light on up & coming producers.For our first release of 2023 we're thrilled to introduce parisian DJ & producer Lungo!His Game Over EP is a four tracker inspired by the retro-gaming universe and crafted for a heavy dancefloor use.
Forming a wide spectrum of sounds, Comics Trip Records always manage to include a plenty of influences into their releases but with a uniquely future retro slant. Next up to instil this musical identity is VTL One and the third story of Comics Trip Records.
The Frog Dog Records crew outta Philadelphia follow up their previous VA release with another quirky yet intriguing EP.
Like the original chivalry, that was often hidden under the armor, the participants of Chivalry will always remain anonymous. Very limited, always secret. Add to your “Unknown Artist” collection.
Italian house music maestro Massimo Berardi delves deep into the vaults and pops out with 2 unreleased mixes of 'U Save Me'. Originally recorded at the '96 studio sessions for Evidence records it's a masterclass in old school deep house Italo-style swingers.
Erol Engintalay's Monomotion project is back with a thrilling new collection of tunes. Sides is an energizing and iridescent trip down the echoing, cavernous halls of dub techno, instantly conjuring the type of late nights and dark, crowded rooms that this music is meant to soundtrack. His first release in three years, Engintalay showcases a new set of talents on Sides, an affirmation of this special artist’s stylistic versatility as well as a gesture towards what’s to come from him.
Title paraphrase of the legendary British film the crying game, track titles that refer to stories of Philip dick or William Gibson, melancholic pads a la Derrick May and jazzy melodies compose a hybrid of acid and drum and bass that brings to mind the braindance and breakcore sound of the UK. Αthens Computer Underground's The Crying Came is a sophisticated soundtrack of hardware electronica.
Fresh Tunez are back and doing exactly what they say on the tin, i.e serving up fresh beats for us all. A:G delivers us an ice cold hitting 4 tracker that slaps you left & right across the dance-floor like you have been hit by a blizzard. Norwegian dance-floor mastery in full effect. From the sunny A1(the only sun we'll get in Berlin this winter) to the more driving sounds of A2 to B2 that will make sure you get up and stay moving to dance some warmth into your body until summer comes!
For Silias and friends, we’ve decided to go straight to the point !We brought you la creme de la creme from around the world to put them on wax ! From Thailand, passing by France to finish with Ukraine.This release is a 4 track killer, originally meant to fire up the dancefloor but also may be used as recreative way like home listening, preferably in a residencial area played at loud volume Because we all want to give a good music education to our lovely neighbours
This is the sound of the physical space between one destination and the next.For this, the second Space Trace record we go deeper, darker and more open minded. Four moody cuts, made to be played loud at whatever time or place you may end up in.
After a solid debut last year that people seemed to be feelin', Richer's Calpyso's Dream imprint return for second helpings. Mystery duo '2 Lost Diver' make an appearance on the label with their 'Mystery Island' EP and similar to the first release it's another venture into some real-deal slow-mo aquatic 80's vibes. Bliss up !
Different Times label debuts with man-of-the-moment and serious talent Eric OS on the buttons.
Three strikes and he's still not out -- Miles Mercer is back with another 12" for Accessory filled with his signature grooves, thrilling melodies, and sly sense of humour.
The third release is a split Ep born from the meeting between Emi Omar and Sucre Sucre in the nights of Nantes, connecting their souls with similar bass faces and head moves, recognizing themselves in the same groove. Emi Omar takes over the A side, delivering two bangers with his singular sonorities. The first one is driven by a solid bassline, accompanied with a smooth vocoder melted in the drums. The track is split in two by a beautiful switch to finally take a more electronica vibe. The second one is a very heady progressive tune created as a potion recipe where elements appears as it goes along.Then, Sans Sucre brings a bright B side with different tracks. The first one is based on a fatty acid line, with ravy elements, spiced by analogue chords to raise it up. The second one, more melancholic, has an electro wave nature, punctuated by vocoder and radical changes. Feel free to use them anytime. Please do it, at home, at school and mostly; in the club !
True Confession Records kick up with a new born entity... T​rue One​ - P​re-programmed​ C​haos​ LP​ by S​oft Pioneer​ F​eat.​ R​oger​ K​incade​ V​ersey​. S​onic statements and​ mysterious visions = dreamy morning blues from Space !
Raw Tools Vol 1, is a tribute to our musical roots : 90s House, Raw House and Garage. The first release of Outdom Records, a real club tool for DJs and music lovers seeking for wicked and sexy grooves, will be available on both vinyl and digital.This record is a compilation of fours tracks navigating between classic 90s Chicago House, New York Garage, UK Garage and touches of Acid House. Aiming at a vintage aesthetic, this EP displays a stomper and deep groove associated with razor sharp stabs and dreamy, ravy atmosphere.This influence can also be seen on the various cover made by Outdom's graphic designer, Liorzh. A reference to the old school artworks and colors of rave party flyers.
Yuri Ruggieri aka Yu is a DJ Producer of electronic techno music born in Pescara in 1989.After a long period of experimentation in the field of electronics, publishing projects he joined the French label Binary, reflecting his true sound.On January 13, the artist released the Contest track, the result of experimentation and research dominated by kicks and strong bass accompanied by hypnotic and captivating sounds.Yu loves to experience sound in all its particularities by absorbing the influences from old vinyls and drawing inspiration from the great artists of the current music scene and translating all his research and academic career into the Recreative school in Milan.His productions are magnetic and pungent creating sound balances, however he is not limited only to techno music but instead combines disco, progressive, ebm and house thus managing to create a specific and peculiar sound
For its 7th release, Lüüd Discs unveils an EP of Black Rings Under My Eyes aka B.R.U.M.E.Based in Paris, Black Rings Under My Eyes defends an analog and progressive music with breaks and electro sounds on a background of IDM influences. The Istanbul-based Fluctuosa and the Parisian François Ier accompany this EP with a remix reinterpreting each the track 'Gambler'.Lüüd discs is very proud to present you this EP which we hope will not leave you indifferent.
Gated kick off 2023 with a corker of a remix package, featuring an epic electro workout from Radioactive Man and lo-fi deep house from Max Wheeler of Anushka fame.Marcela Dias Sindaco’s breathy Portuguese vocals always lent themselves to remixes and these five cuts use them to great effect.Keith Tenniswood’s storming version of Missao Controle kicks off the EP, with a near-8-minute bass-heavy acid monster that retains the original’s funky elements but pushes them way into the future.German upstarts not even noticed take Extincao nice and deep for those loved-up dancefloor moments, again bringing in melodic elements from the original, but twisting them just enough to flow into a dreamy acidic breakdown.Flip to the B and Anushka’s Max Wheeler goes it alone, with a deep and crackly analogue house version of Dois Lados. Injected with just a smidgeon of jazz, this is definitely one for the heads.Next up, longtime Gated collaborator Dip Shim, whose debut album only just dropped, brings a straight-up electro jam version of Pro Meu Bem, with haunting pads and insistent arpeggios.Rounding off the EP is Perseus Traxx’s deeper than deep take on Missao Controle, a tripped out reverby journey laden with his signature hardware sound.
Paul Tellimerg debuts on Fresh Tunez !
Lucky (for some) release number thirteen on our Rezpektiva label sees us re-visit The Necromorph's Blaise Records release originally from 1995. Featuring 2 previously released tracks on 'The Hunchback' EP and 2 unreleased tracks from the same period it's a unique 4 tracker that spans from techno to acid to house and the little bits in-between.
System Error launches its new Collaborative Series, the first release COLLAB01 is a collaboration of a joint split EP between the Madrid based record label Tresydos by Mari.te and System Error by Moses Mawila. The Collaborative Series aims to bring together different labels, curators, artists, genres and tastes to create and exchange together and to promote and encourage collaboration between artists and labels across the electronic music underground.
Liquid Memory Records float on in and present their new label with a rather punchy VA. Artists and friends Ori Raz & Elroi present their individual efforts on the A-Side and team up together as Serenity Now on the flip, setting us adrift on memory bliss.
At Griffé we've been fan of Toke's music for a while, closely following his path release after release. We're now delighted to welcome him on the label with his stunning "Avalon" EP, 2 four-to-the-floor tracks on the A side, 2 breaks tracks on B side, gems only.
Dana Ruh brings us her second BQTRX to follow on from the debut release last year with Christopher Ledger. This time she teams up with a good friend and legend - over 32 minutes of *cough cough* at his playful best.
Bubblin Fresh returns with 4 kick-up flava's from manlike Enrico Dragoni. Mad fresh.
New Members launches his own imprint with 2 tracks in his own infectious style.
Newcomer Max Watts shines on Faith Beat.
Everything is vibrations.The infinitely deep chaos of things rests on the tiny and fragile chemical balance of the depths.Eliaz traps us in his raw and introspective groove with complex and saturated signals that call for bodies motions. He gives us a key to read and decript the Mercury Frequencies.
New EP by the wizzard heimyl who offers us a unique spatial and groovy project with a remix of liquid earth on the B side !
Yes I Am Recordings launch off Planet Earth with their brand new label and 'Slices of Life' EP. 3 original colourful bouncy gliders backed up with a laidback roller of a remix from underground music guru Ivan Iacobucci, it's a lively start. Dancefloor action guaranteed !
Eleven-Up for our home label Rezpektiva this time releasing Suggestive's one & only floor shaking 'Wildlife' release originally from their Piranha Records imprint. 4 playful house groovers released in limited vinyl numbers back in 1995.Rezpektiva features select cuts from the past that have made an impression on us over the years, released with the maximum respect. Rezpekt to Suggestive !
“Quinoa Experience, the Madrid based collective, is eager to unveil the long-anticipated first release of their new label – Quinoa Cuts - entitled “The Nutritionist’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol. I”. The intention behind the split E.P. is to produce a versatile, nutritious and invigorating record through the juxtaposition of the two sides. On the A we find a ‘’Vitamin’’ side, where fresh, subtle and deep grooves will stimulate the listeners’ appetite to get them levitating, introspectively. While the B-side, the ‘’Protein’’, is best saved for climatic dancefloor moments and muscle-building workouts. Emerging from Tunisia, Pan-J serves us the vitamin supplements. Solid and funked-up basslines with hefty doses of swing amount to sunny and radiant minimal house productions. Colorful and engaging, his tracks will dissipate all traces of fatigue from your body. Two ritual-ready tunes with a proggy approach that don’t neglect moments of suspense. Flip it and we find the protein powders by a Ukrainian artist, Co-founder of Criminal Practice and one of the key players at Closer Kiev, Roma Khropko. His side speeds ahead with playful organ chords, subversive solar rave fits with killer samples, sweeping percussion shifts and delightful switch-ups that send the record straight into orbit.”
We present the 12th release from our home label with a round-up of under-the-radar cult tunes from the one & only Simon Ellis aka The Soundlords (shouts to Christian Linder) & The Inspiring Sound Source. Four tunes with different flavas but one common theme.
Paul Pills - an elusive, sample twisting producer from Detroit - who communicates only through Ryan Elliott, delivers the 1st release on his label “Paul’s Beats & Jams”. All the emotion of Motown and Soul supplied in DJ tool form.
Beautiful, emotional, memorable house music – D:fferent Place is back for his 5th release.
Bernard Szajner is a French composer, musical theorist, visual artist. He is credited with the invention of the laser harp, which he patented.Between 1979 and 1983, Szajner released five albums of innovative and Avant-garde electronic music. He became renowned as a light and visual effects technician with artists such as Magma, Gong, Stomu Yamashta and The Who.During the 1970s, he became a pioneer in the field of using laser technology as an artistic tool. As a measure of his success, he became renowned by his work with companies such as Cartier and Renault. In 1980, inspired by the novel, Nova, by Samuel R. Delany, he first created the laser harp. The laser harp became so successful that Jean-Michel Jarre ordered a version from Bernard Szajner for his tour of China. Despite all this, Szajner would only occasionally use this instrument in his own performances. He has stated that he would rather the public not know him solely for his work on the laser harp, and that it not be allowed to take precedence over his work in musical composition that it enables. This is also why he continues to develop other instruments which use other innovative methods of interaction, such as tactile or holographic.Towards the end of the 1980s and disgusted with the music industry, he chose to abandon music entirely, and shifted his focus towards digital and visual arts, and theatre. These tracks are my preferred ones .... Ever ! ... For a long time I've been waiting for a record label to release what corresponds to what I like playing these days... Until Sleepers records decided to release this compilation which contains most of the tracks I enjoy playing live on stage ! At last my wish is fulfilled !

KMA60 Exclusive Pre-orders

Specially curated Houdini tracks released for the first time on vinyl taken from their 1994 Limited Edition CD album on the Fax +49-69/450464 label. 'Strange' but intriguing.
For our second full length album on Rezpektiva and following on from his REZ18eighteen (Cascade/Fusbares) release, we delve into the Quaid archive and come up with music recorded in sessions during 1997 and 1998 which ultimately were never released. Ben Naylor aka Quaid (The Original Quaid btw) quickly became disillusioned with the music industry and made a career change of direction leaving behind hours worth of studio sessions on DAT. We have managed to put together 8 tracks from those unreleased sessions and present them here on a 2x12". It's an authentic journey through Drum n Bass, IDM, Downtempo and some pulsating electronic music of the late 90's.
From da Split IV, is composed of House, minimal and Electro-House tracks. An EP of 3 tracks/side, with on the A side, u EP of Emi Ömar and on the B side, an EP of Puffin. The idea of these mini EP is to "Increase" the music through genres and bpm to make the public travel in the universe of each artist.
For the first release of the Marseille crew, Planete 51 is honoured to present to you the family affair delicately printed on the finest wax for your ears.
After having explored our native Switzerland in search of nuggets, we extended our research and came across a goldmine in the south of France. For our 4th release we welcome Soyouz and Groenogen on the imprint for a masterful split EP. On side A Soyouz brings to the table two progressive yet powerful cuts, heavily inspired by 90’s sounds balanced with delicately designed synth lines packed with slick drums as well as robotic voices that make his signature sound. On the B side Groenogen delivers two very powerful tracks. He gives us heavy hitting, driving basslines and extremely smart and sharp synth leads and show us a glimpse of a moody and acid side of his persona. Both tracks showcase his mastery of technical and energetic arrangement. The two French boys deliver a dancefloor wrecking record straight from Toulouse, not to be missed I tell you!
It's fair to say Malta's Sound Synthesis is associated with spacey, acid-flecked electro. But here, on his first album for the UK-based Gated label, a deep vein of old-school influenced breaks comes to the fore.The infectious acid lines are ever-present - the hands-in-the-air breakdowns, the rolling basslines - but this is a different side to Keith Farrugia's prolific output that brings in influences from ambient to downtempo to bassbin-worrying bangers.Take opener Ambient Talk, which kicks into life with skittish drums, or the woozy vocal-led All Night, which makes sharp use of the Amen break, as does album highlight 90s Chords.Yes there are classic Sound Synthesis melodies throughout these nine tracks, but there's also a darker side, exemplified by the aptly-named 140BPMadness, which showcases Farrugia at his most ferocious.
After several releases on European imprints such as System Error, Burbi, and Griffé.The irreverent and cleaver Swiss producer takes his sound across the pond for the Nashville Based Imprint. With a brilliant Ep titledThe Ancient Benefits of Rythmm and Repetition.An Irrefutably club tool four-tracker that can sound haunted and dark but also provides that tint of light, deeper and into a mental wizardry, Bolstering electro/progressive colors that transforms into a sonic blitz but also keeping a cinematic and darker side of drum ‘n’ bass and broken beats. A story tale that sublemily phases into multiple layers of rythmn that infuses a HI-NRG sound that traverses the trance-techno-rave intersection. Masterly produced with that “ISH-Motif.”
In Club Purgatory, “Hexx Code” EP brings New Members' universe downward into a darker realm. The energy is one of being reluctant to leave the dancefloor as you are hypnotized by deep, dark and magnetic rhythms. The sun has exploded and has turned the sky Fanta Exotic coloured permanently. You can’t see the friends you came with, they are long gone… Shadows turn infrared, dark mode is now factory default.
Prozpektiva continues with the aim of shining a light on new and up & coming artists. For our second release we present a hidden gem of an artist, Miles Ellis, a US based producer who delivers a raw, punchy and authentic EP featuring stripped back grooves and spacey sounds. 
Lekind delivered once again an EP full of colors and for the first time in vinyl SOUR records. Named « Love Pieces », this EP will remember you the golden age of French touch, 90’s sampled house and big room House.
After his Portgas D.Ace EP released in 2021, Vafa is back on Griffé with a new stunning piece of music. Produced by the ocean during his stay in Portugal, his Lay Back EP exhibits that the frenchman isn't only a talented surfer but also a brilliant producer with a very distinctive sound, a nice blend of breaks, electro & bass music with a pinch of dub influenced sounds. Welcome back boy.
With LMML21 after 10 Years of LMML we decided to release the first 2x12" LP.After their first EP 'Reserved For The Moustache Man' in 2019 we decided that the guys from Felon5 would be the right fit for that. And we are delighted and excited to finally present Felon5's debut Album and the first Album released via LMML to you. A beautifully crafted 8 tracks to take you on a journey across the dance-floor by day & night.
Ulla Records is back with another VA : « Shifted Frequencies ».For our two years anniversary we wanted to treat you with something special, our first physical release, on vinyl !Now you know our mojo : to explore that 80s inspired, wonky disco sound, in all its shapes and forms ! From italo to acid, EBM or new wave, we wanted to showcase some of the multiple facets of the label, our interpretation of these « Shifted Frequencies ». Between France, Italy, UK & Germany, we gathered a fine selection of talented artists, a mix of familiar faces and new encounters.We’re thrilled to welcome Younger Than Me and REES for the first time on the label, and equally so to have Alberto Melloni back with us, alongside label founders Austher and Naranja. All together, they captured some fragments of our shifted frequencies.This one's for you dancers !
„There are imaginary signs or signals that make your arm twitch mutely. In such cases, you may have to interpret the meaning of such a "message". If you ignore it, it's almost certain that nothing will happen, but you may also miss the chance to change your life because you passed a potential turning point and didn't notice.”There were once many worlds on this Earth. Each had its own land, language, population, borders and history. There were people and societies.They already looked alike, but they didn't realise it.When the borders disappeared, the looked at each other, but by this time suddenly, the languages and the histories also disappeared.The present worlds do not have any Earthly home, they have moved to the kingdom come of the collective subliminal sociostasis.There they are still living for a while, exactly so long as humans have human form and the time for transhuman cultures arrives.To fumble about in this gap of time bubble, that has been opened for a short time between the collapse and the vanishing of the borders of cultures: this is the science of Ishin-denshin burdened with Heisenberg’s paradox.Don’t forget: never before and never after.(eL-Hortobāgyi-Hortator)
We hit the landmark 20th release on our home label Rezpektiva and with this special number we present Verdé Sative from their The Positive Cult E.P.. Originally recorded for Bethnal Green's finest record shop (1991 to 1998) Total Music Records back in '93 but released in small amounts, it's four classy house tracks designed to keep it super positive. 
Straight from gloomy Vilnius, Aleks Pletnev (aka Ponty Python / part of Moisk duo) is delivering a new record for London-based imprint Burnin Music.As a DJ, Alex is a resident of well-known funhouse Opium in Vilnius.During recent years, as a producer, Aleks released music via Meda Fury, Needs, Not an Animal and many many more.After a loud & sold-out release for R.A.N.D x Echocentric records earlier in 2023, Pletnev continues his killer combo moves with “When The Job Is Done” EP.We start with the tallest in the family A1 “Wandering Mind, Go F Yourself” tune: meaty uptempo retro-trance with 90s-Ibiza-like string melody on top.Then we exhale with A2 ambient beauty “Water Can Keep Your Secrets Too” inspired by William Orbit’s 90s music.B1 “The Last True Gentleman On Earth” could bring fresh air to a sweaty 5am dance floor - dreamy house in the beginning it evolves into a battle with Amen break loops and FM basslines.B2 ”When The Job Is Done” is a prog-house DJ tool with talking acid, chopped breaks, blips & 90s FXs.
‘Tricks that never fail to amuse at parties’. Vinyl Only.
‘Tricks that never fail to amuse at parties’. Vinyl Only.
REZ14fourteen comes galloping in for our home label Rezpektiva this time featuring Toronto's The Riders Of The Soundguard who originally released on Boomtang Records in small numbers from 1992-1994. A rangy (think prime Abou Diaby for Arsenal) EP, 5 tracks strong of heads down house gear and laid back funkers interspersed with cuts that sound like they were taken from an Indiana Jones movie.
22Recordings pres. : 22 24/7 365 days a year in orderto dance.
2023 and Frigio return to one of their flagship collection series, Frigio Allstars. This fifth installment marks a new venture for the label with a spread of different styles explored by old friends and new monikers. One fresh pseudonym is Starhawk & Friends, known fromVol. 1 as I-Land Beat, who offers up a broken beat belter guaranteed to put crooked smiles on faces. Returnees include Rambal Cochet with the rap infused elegance of “Metacortex”while Sons of Traders digs deep into dissonance and distortion for “I Don’t Inspire Hope.”Jack Carel is back after his appearance on Vol. 4 with two tracks that range from the hiphop inspired strings and snares of “4 Seasons” to genre bending daredevilry of “Friday Rocks." Delivering a stripped back New Beaty beast, Neud Photo returns to the series with “Spark Knock” which bares its teeth through a haze of static and angular melodies. Warped patterns and lost language are the chosen tools for a hypno-trip from TextbeakDefa Voctave before the industrial undercurrents of Death Posture (Daniel Holt to some) leads us out of a 12” that explores a spectrum of sounds across its eight tracks.
Tomat EP" is a brave experiment of rethinking the soundtracks of Soviet cinema and Polish jazz of the second half of the 20th century from the recognized hero of the new house wave Thierry Tomas. Zhenya's releases regularly get into the spotlight of the main music stores and DSPs and some of his tracks permanently reside in the charts and sets of such artists as Phil Weeks, Atjazz, Demuir, Sandy Rivera and more. Specially for Minor Notes Zhenya collected 4 dance novels, gravitating to jazz and club music at the same time.This record has been in the pipeline for more than 1,5 years and means a lot to us. This is jazzy, deep and funky house, which will take its rightful place in your collection and any of your bar or club sets. Peace to all!
As a promo-only link, here is the debut album, as a manifesto from the multi-instrumentist and dedicated to experimentation artist : Alban Mercier.Few years of traveling, digging and engraving the materials and influences, Alban is a perpetual-movement, a never-ending quest far from any boundaries, or fences of the genres.This multi-talented artist merges in this full-length many of his influences from ritualistic wishpered musics and mythisicms from autoctones communities from far east to the early industrials dubish sonorities and rythms such as a Scorn could produce if he was producing, still. He drawn and cut the lines of this 8-track album and recorded them with the help of our beloved Paulie Jan at Agit Prop Studio late summer 2022.He also offers the artworks in order to give an object from its own. Very personal and dedicated.
This one is for the lovers, the believers and the dreamers. Four songs vibrating between love and despair, life and death. Let them lead you, speak to you, give you comfort when times are hard or give fuel when hard is what times needs to be. When life is everything you never wanted! All tracks written and composed by Dj City, your late night-big city prophet!
4 levels to complete in a video game created by Brooht.
Västkransen’s next release comes from Ella Guru, a new project by guitarist Tommy Galento (OK Star Orchestra, Galento Sound Service) and rhythm maker Daniel Strand (Bike Thieves). Galento and Strand first met in the darker months of 2021 at a jam among friends. Before long, the duo continued the sessions on their own, and the playful grooves that came to life in Galento's studio are now available on their debut record “No Strings Attached EP.
Looking ahead to REZ19nineteen shifting its way onto the scene via our home label Rezpektiva, with a release by Sceneshifters from their Word To The Wise EP. Originally recorded for UK label Funky Peace Productions 2000 Ltd back in '93 but then released in limited quantities, it's three tracks designed to take you on a proper journey.
REZ18eighteen coming up soon on our home label Rezpektiva, with a release from Quaid (Ben Naylor) with his Cascade/Fusbares EP. Originally recorded for UK label Seraphim Records back in '98 but made available as 'promo only' so never fully released, it's two tracks of top level work. This release comes as a prelude to two albums from Quaid that will also appear on Rezpektiva in the near future.
REZ17seventeen is simmering up on its way from our home label Rezpektiva, this time featuring Chris Fielder (Incog-Needle, Razorblayd) in his Rhythm Workshop guise. Originally recorded for Canadian label Blast Records back in '91 it's an EP full from top-to-bottom with lazy tripped out late nite burners, bruisers & bombinas.


“I was supposed to DJ at the event then go on to Marbella for a few more gigs...until I found out they had a studio in the basement... So I ended up staying there and messing around with ideas I had in my head and a few samples from my record box...nothing really serious...just for myself kind of thing.” - Casper Brown aka CaspaGuess who’s back!? For the second release, Pinguin Society revives the long out of print release from the hand of aort -or maybe never- lived alias of Casper Brown. Originally released on the UK Atmopherics label in ‘94, now back available with a fresh remaster and artwork, ready for your daytime, nighttime and afterhour parties.
Up next, Marginal Returns is happy to finally unveil Gwenan’s debut EP. Already familiar to many via her DJ sets at various notable events over the past years - from festival main-stage techno to backroom boutique ambient - 2023 finally raises the curtain on Gwenan’s studio output. Activation Energy presents an elegant, particular and personable take on rhythmic electronic music, taking in A1’s downtempo, dub shrouded ‘Rhythm Delay’, the sneakily effective plucked lilt of A2 ‘Foundation’, the contemplative, emotive glide of B1 ‘Control Change’ and B2 ‘Attention Movement’s brooding syncopation.
The tracks on this record were originally produced in 1993 and 1994 by Julius Weiland. Before becoming a visual artist he released house and ambient tracks under the name „Julius“ and other aliases. Deeply influenced by early Chicago House and Detroit Techno he developed his own style and sound. This is his second release on No Acting Vibes and it‘s bringing back some of his sought after tracks on vinyl again.(All tracks produced by Julius Weiland, Basic Paradise“ coproduced by Tom Gawlik“.)
EYA Records label has scored another big one here with this old-school House and Techno flavoured EP by UK producer Tom Carruthers. In the last couple of years, the Chesire music-making machine has impressed with a series of super solid releases on LIES and his own Non Stop Rhythm imprint.“In Grooves EP” is an ode to the 90’s dance music sound with a modern and refreshing perspective. The opener “ So Long’ is a driving and hypnotic peak time track while “Distant World” is evocative and dreamy. On the flip side “Echoes’ is an acid-tingled deep cut that will make move every dancefloor, closing the EP is the superb bleepy number “Mode 7”.Limited to 300 copies, don’t miss it.
Latress on Time Passages, recommended!
More VA action as the series continues with another instalment. As is tradition at OEW, four heavy hitters grace the newest plate. Enlisting rising talents and familiar faces alike, the Witness surveys all, cherry-picking another clutch of intrepid dancefloor navigators for the label.Asphalt DJ tees off with a shadowy, driving tripper. Flush with insistent throb and a spectrum of proggy flourishes, it’s properly hypnotic fare. De Lichting member RDS, on the other hand, opts in favour of deep space projection. ‘TH Only’ is a pristine transmission; deep groove and widescreen scope primed to soundtrack imagined interplanetary expeditions.Making nocturnal manoeuvres with a touch of grit, Hypercolour and Glass Table co- founder Ste Roberts goes off on another tangent entirely. ‘Tune Pitch Decay’ is as dusky as it is propulsive; tough and cavernous for the duration. Made of uneasy soundscapes and half-time, rolling drums, Amsterdam local Tammo Hesselink finally rounds things off on an abstract, downtempo tip.Artwork & Design by Susanne Janssen.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the 1st of a 3EP set highlighting the music on 1990's Norwegian electronic act Neural Network. In 1993-1995 they released 2 full albums or Origo Sound that featured label mates Biosphere. In 1993 they opened up for Prodigy and shared the bill with other seminal acts like AFX, Autechre, Orbital and H.I.A among other heavyweights. However, their 2 full albums 'Brain-State-In-A-Box' & 'Modernité' did not get picked up by any other label or distributer and their popularity stayed regional. In fact a 3rd album was never released (Until part 3 comes from this series!) and sadly they went their separate ways to form other electronic acts in 1997. We hope to shine a bright light on their early music. Side A features the wonderful aquatic adventure in 'Aqueous' followed by a shift into the sci-fi realm with the mysterious 'Mechanical Heart'. Two great examples that show off the group's deep post rave sound for the future. A real melding of styles. All 3 EP's have inserts where the band shares their memories of the early days.All these tracks in the series are placed on vinyl for the first time with fantastic artwork by UK's Grid Pattern. Dare to Dream! Its not only our credo at re:discovery records but it's also our goal in hearing music that was made for the stars.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the 2nd EP in the 3 part series that highlight the music from the 1990's Norwegian electronic act Neural Network. Picking up from where EP #1 left off, the A-side features the title track from their first album 'Brain-State-In-A-Box'. Originally, this was actually an edit from the 30+ minute live version that was played in 1993 where Keith Flint and the Prodigy crew gave them the thumbs up for being a great opening act for them to take stage to. A pinnacle UK rave track in all the essence, give this one a proper go. All 16 minutes of it! The B-side features our favorite ambient cut from Neural Network's 2nd album 'Modernité'. Titled 'Part 3' it is a deep, emotional and moving ambient track. Goosebump material to those that knew it orginally. All 3 of these EP's come with notes from the band on those special early days of their music and their inspiration. All these tracks are on vinyl for the first time with excellent artwork from UK's Grid Pattern. Bring back the Chill Out Rooms!
Italian artist, Yu, lands on Art Of Dark with the first of a two-part EP.
Wake up sleepyheads; after another rotation around the sun and the fog of the early year drifting across the realm, what better way to break through than breaks. Spray is once again on the archival quest, dusting off jewels for the dancers, with this time’s excavation taking us to a 1994 North London bedroom (heard that before huh?). Originally released on D*Fusion Records, at a time when the ever-rising pulsating amphetamine twitch of hardcore was side stepped, with some furthering their fury into jungle, and others receding into more cerebral and ethereal realms. This collection of huge tunes falls into the latter from the producer Anoesis; a release for the post-post generation, when bygone specters of trance dance mania become the ghouls of the moment, the need for Rave ever increasing.All in all it takes about 15 seconds to know that ‘Heavy Water’ is an essential massive break your speaker hit. Gated vox pop out like sirens in the smoke and lasers, calling you to engage with the eternal/internal rhythm that is the acid squelch break. A perfect dose of psych deviates the song to a higher path. For the remix contemporary audio savant D. Tiff strips away the buzz saw grind of the original, encouraging hypnosis and trance-infected desires, with a touch of mooood.On the flip Diact is super keen for an ascension. A menaced freaky overlord, pulling at the strings that the dancers are mere puppets to follow, channeling a big beat essence. Trouble Down Groove assumes the form of the classic break and vocal flip, full of twitched sampling hype; 1 for the dancefloor headspinners. Aligned to the Anoesis sound, it’s mutated with a certain type of alluring growl, a sonic signature, and the key sound running through this EP.
Next up on EYA's series Lonewolf is UK producer Nay. "Pattern of Thought" takes us on a hallucinatory excursion into deep minimal textures, acid-tingled beats, blissful grooves and dubby trips. A remarkable debut from an artist we'll be hearing a lot about in the future on a label capable of consistently delivering the fresh, cutting-edge sound of the underground.
Digregorius returns to My Own Jupiter for MOJ15.
The 10th release from Ute is crafted by none other than Felix Benedikt aka Alpha Tracks. Delivering the hard task of producing hard-hitting, functional and club ready tracks with the storytelling and emotion of early 90s trance-music. Expect mind-drilling 303s, ethereal pads and larger than life melodies packaged for the modern dancefloor
«I am the bridge between the day and the night that never ends, I am the acid drop that beads on your dancing body, I am the metallic breakthrough that crosses your being when I catch your wet hands, I am the brutal wave that grazes your dark gaze and your tired eyes, I am the titanium and the cyprin, I am the adrenaline, I am that being that invents, desires and revolts, I am that jolt of desire that tears me when it is dark, I am a psychoactive substance diluted in honey, I am the back that you caress, I am our first and last dance, I am the one who seduces you, I am the one who obsesses you, I am the solitary dance that bewitched me the first time we met, I am the cry muffled by our restless bodies, I am the movement that pierces and unfolds as if it were the last. I am solid and liquid, mechanical and organic, I am your first and last time, I am Baraka.»French duo Baraka present their first eponymous EP.Dive into their cathartic universe in which they celebrate their love for club culture using powerful TR8s, incisive break beats, synthetic layers inspired by trance and trip-hop as well as cavernous female voices.This alliance of electronic music, 90’ aesthetics and dreamy undulations intertwine like the yin and yang and promise a mystical universe with futuristic imagery.
Leaving the digital-only realm and materialising as a physical release, space•lab 006 sees Reflex Blue’s sought-after Digital Dreams EP finally out on vinyl. Remastered and complete with a previously unreleased bonus track, as well as a sizzling remix from space•lab favourite, Lisene.
Arís return with part three of their ongoing series revisiting seminal 90’s Irish dance releases, reissuing the debut release from long standing D1 Recordings luminary Rob Rowland. His 1994 effort M.F.N. is remastered from the original DAT source for the first time, and comes with a fresh remix from young Dublin prog sensation Dylan Forbes.
Hard Beach Entertainment introduces Pyramid Of Knowledge. Introspective Breaks to remind you that you know only what the pyramid wants you to know.
From its beginnings as a reissue label, Spray has always been guided by an insatiable appetite for proggy dance music. If excavating long-forgotten gems weren’t enough though, the Irishman behind it all emerged from the fever dream that was lockdown a fully-realised producer/DJ entity. Also taking the name for his alias, Spray comes forth with a typically fractal offering.Insistent throb and propulsive, direct drive underpin the A-side. Where ’VT Trad’ opts for nebulous, cosmic detail and shadowy flex, ‘Q3projz’ surfaces a more utopian take on the blueprint.‘Zippycher’ then comes flush with wide-eyed radiance; a buoyant, lysergic rite primed for collective physical experience. ‘Slipped’, on the other hand, recalls early ‘90s Art Of Trance while sidestepping revivalist tags. Proper third portal business.
Outside In Distribution kicks off their first wave of releases with a debut release from close friend, Dɘiv, on their in-house label. 4 killer tracks, made for many moods. Be quick with this one! Limited to 200 copies
Last seen on Discogs in 2017, the mysterious Marvyn Don returns with a full release of his old Lilac Road &Swag related EP from the early 2000’s, with four UK techno and tech house inspired rollers that are fit forany dark club or afters.This EP has been brought back to life with some exciting additions to the series coming later this year. Grabit whilst you can!Limited to 300 copies.
For their first release of 2023, AGT Records is cruising in straight from the West Coast.  E.T.I. were behind a string of releases in the 90’s and early 2000’s that were part of the new wave of the iconic San Fran sound. The ‘Lookout’ EP, released on their own Oboro Records in 1999, ticks all the boxes of that defining era.  On this EP, breezy breaks and dubby basslines roll alongside funk infused samples, throwing some signature shuffle onto any dance floor. With decent copies going for very high prices online, AGT Records is happy to bring this one back onto the shelves and keep an eye on some more stuff from Oboro in the pipeline this year - all in good time. 
Having been lost in the Discogs realms for many years, without many sound clips online, each of ThePiroman’s EPs began to gain a lot of traction online.The Piroman EP, the first of 2 projects released back in the 90s, features three tracks with rolling electro/breaks elements throughout, inspired from the West Coast. All 3 tracks were given a European twist and willfit onto modern day dance floors comfortably.This EP will be released along with an insert, with a little more information on The Piroman and their earlierinfluences. 25 years later - The Piroman returns…Limited to 300 copies.
You&Me’s latest recruit Paddy Lee steps up first debut release. The young gun steps up to deliver 2 original club ready tracks accompanied by a close friend of the label LVCA delivering a sophisticated and wonky remix.Rest assured all tracks from the release will erupt the dance floor as they’ve been tried and tested by the You&Me crew over the last 12 months.
White Scar, sublabel of Subterranean Odyssey, is back for its second instalment. The next feature is called the “The Judge’s Head” and true to the theme for White Scar it features four tracks from four different producers.Eliaz returns on the A1 with “Spaceventura” which is more of the mayhem that you come to expect from the Slovenian given his releases so far. A2 is from Uruguayan producer Estef, with “Roto” a club-ready weapon which already has and will continue to tear up dancefloors upon release.On the flip side, B1 is from Colombia based, Buraye, and true to form, he delivers “Towering Vortex” - a hypnotic techno workout. Finally, on the B2 is “Moon” by Nay, who is an up and coming producer from Liverpool, UK. Big things to come from him, you will no doubt hear much more from Nay in the future!
The Swedish/Dutch label De Vloer is back with its signature sound of floor focused dub, produced by the label owners themselves.
Supervision records is very happy to present its second various that gathers brilliant talents for a huge compilation of breaky beats and groovy sounds. Garage vibe at its finest.
Coming in hot for its second outing is Anthea & Velasco’s PILLZ imprint, this time they turn to Oshana to take care of business. Chunky dance floor action with an attitude from the Berlin based artist as she showcases her constantly evolving sound. The four track “Letting Go” EP explores extensive territory, meandering between distinctive shades of electro, techno and acid energy from an outer place.A powerful quest through Oshana’s versatile vibe, essential underground moods for the hazy hours of the night.
Alex Neri strikes back with another well rounded EP. He is a Master of the craft, with clear prowess for the grooves, and the right balance of emotion and punch. A true italian trailblazer in top form.
In 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, Gene On Earth created his production masterclass “Nuggets: The Blueprint”. This is the third release of a collection of works submitted by students shortly after finishing the course. The class of 2022 overcame expectations and birthed a digital compilation and 5 vinyl releases to come out during 2023. Nug-Net will continue to be a home for music written by course students. To take the course, visit
Emi Ömar has been, from his first steps at Recordeep, one of those versatile pro-ducers feeding from multiple influences and always in for some experiment. He does not hesitate to mix groovy old school sonorities to more contemporary notes, always with an efficient baseline. His performances are live oriented, and his tra-cks are often housy and always club friendly. For his first release with Momo’s basement, Emi Ömar dropped 4 golden sounds. The EP is introduced with Humm, an electronic and freshly optimistic track, fo-llowed by Shuffle, an energetic piece that will put dancefloors on fire. The B face stands for bouncy, Doom Mouv and Oyé have influences so retro that nobody will stand quiet.
Fastforward 2023, back on the highway with four twisted tracks from Rupert Marnie. The Hamburg based producer with a weakness for spicy japanese food and science fiction novels is part of The Press Group label and Remoto Recordshop, which both has been close to the LV musical mind and hearts – delivers the stuff we want to play with. Fail we may, sail we must.
The Humanoids are back in action with more music from the vibrant Liverpool scene, in the shape of a tasty EP from the in-demand Aerofunk.On the A-side, “Call Me” sets the vibe in style, weaving a big bass with hypnotic synths and an irresistible vocal sample that does the business on the dancefloor. “F.O.U.” follows up with a punch, its bassline bobbing and weaving around a crunchy beat with power.Over on the B-side, “Bumpin” keeps up the energy in naughty fashion, whilst “Hugh Mungus” gives a nod towards a more electro sound with relentless drum and synth work to round off a high energy EP full of bombs.
This 4 tracker is the 2nd outing on the now legendary Evasive Records imprint out of Croydon, South London in the late 90’s and early Noughties. Pyramids sees Evasive label boss Rob Pearson team up with Leonora Epremian (AKA Autonomy) and his regular production partner Lee Humphreys.
Our forthcoming release from Roma Khropko has a story behind it. After producing some tracks for his girlfriend, she liked them so much that they were included in a mix for the Club Vision POOORCast Series. We loved the tracks so much that we asked for the ID and now, here we are, releasing them on our label. CV08 is real connection. Music is connection.
Our second sound-clash instalment sees Panix lock heads with Dj Snowy Buffet.Based out of South London, Panix made a name for himself in the dubstep scene, before emerging as one of the most exciting producers of UKG and breaks.The A1, "Premium Dubz" combines moody bass-lines with ravey stabs to make the ultimate 2-step dance floor killer. The A2, "Hefty" does exactly what it says on the tin.. Hefty basslines and squeaky clean 4 to the floor drums.Dj Snowy Buffet is another veteran of the dubstep game, producing under the well known WZ. Surfacing as his new alias, the Czechoslovakian producer shows depth to his game with a bouncy UKG sound.The B1, "Can I Tell" provides skippy garage drums and synths certain to light up any set. The B2, "Club Life" showcases the darker side of UKG, with warping basslines and amen breaks.
The Perfect Timing label is an eclectic one but even by their standards, this five tracker from San Diego really does take in a wide range of tuneage. Side one kicks off with 'My Life Is A Walk In The Park', a perky house/disco beaming like the sun does on a hot day, before the ruffneck Amens of track two, 'You Can Only See Me After Dark', slam us into completely different territory, with the Bukem-esque Rhodes piano proving a nice counterpoint to the rugged beats. 'I Go There To Look At The Spurce' takes us off on another tangent, a broken beat with sped up hip-hop credentials, a double bass and some echoey dub effects filling up the sound spectrum. 'But My Name Is Not Bruce' takes a speedy, trip hoppy groove into hypnotic, loopy, spaces, while 'I Am The Scariest Man At The Park' proves not only that our man is a dab hand at an original title, he also has a keen sense of drama, closing the EP with some nicely haunted house piano and general eeriness.
3 track EP by Overlords of the UFO, including 2 previously unreleased tracks and one track released on an earlier EP named Transcendental Overdrive.All tracks were produced in the late 90's.This EP continues the trademark retro sci-fi analogue synth vibe of Overlords of the UFO and is the 2nd release by Enlightenment Records.
TwoStep2 aka DJ Relay and Jo Public have been known for their superlative but distinctly old skool sounds, but lead track on this three cut 12" is rather a subtle departure. The beat is a little more wonderfully wonky than you might expect and the bassline bigger and more adventurous, with pleasingly original results. 'Starlight' plays off its abrasive backspins with fluttering harps that are more Luke Vibert than Sticky or Noodles, true genius, and a bubbling beat to boot. 'Weapon of Choice' plunders ravier elements but again, it's no museum piece with its off kilter piano and slowed down, drowsy atmospherics. If you're looking for memorable tunes that stick out rather than fit in, make this your destination.
The first Soul Capsule release gets a timely reissue - certainly if the silly prices it's reached of late on the second hand market - as well as a getting a loving remastering courtesy of D&M. All three parts are swampy, sweaty tech workouts that bump along with an almost indecent willingness to tempt you onto the floor and a groove with way more sexy swing than the minimal genre usually has contact with. Part two is traditionally the most celebrated of the three if internet chatter is to be believed, but some wonderfully subtle go-go percussion makes part three the most immediate of the bunch, with part one's distinctly darkside atmospherics and snippet of female gospel voice clearly wield an air of the classic.
Theory of Movement is back with more of their distinctive new deep house sounds. This is of course a collaborative project between Dan Piu and Grant and we haven't heard from them since back in 2018. With this latest outing though they remind us of their quality with all shades of classic-sounding house served up with some signature melodies to mark the first release on Grant's new label When the Morning Comes Records. On the back side is a special collaboration with Parbleu that results in some blessed out late-night soul.
Next up on X-Kalay it’s fresh heat from one of the finest among a current generation of prog-inclined producers. Guy Contact’s ‘Out of My Head (Into My Body)’ speaks to a sublime, utopian conception of dancefloor utility; dance music primed to achieve ascension through collective physical experience.Navigating mystic, offbeat zones, Contact sets out his stall from the start. ‘Out of My Head (Into My Body)’ is as pristine as it is expansive, inducing trance states as trippy flourishes oscillate over driving rhythm in impeccable lysergic style. Then, with another dose of melt-on-the-mind groove, a radiant bliss-out arrives in the beautifully buoyant flex of ‘Sacred Mist’.Taking its name from a part of the brain associated with emotional processes, ‘Amygdala Tongue Wobble’ propels into fractal introspection with dense, insistent pulse. Finally, ‘Optimystic’ finds Contact channelling new age spirits as he assumes the role of innerzone healer - wide-eyed downtempo to close things out.
Repress !Rhythm Section International proudly presents it's 8th offering from local boys Chaos in the CBD. Born in New Zealand, but based in Peckham for the last few years (literally just around the corner from Henry Wu and Bradley Zero), these brothers have made a real mark on the scene here in London town and with their latest set of productions are set to take this message further afield.Having already released internationally on labels such as ClekClekBoom (Paris), Hot Haus (London) and Amadeus (Montreal), the duo's approach to production has matured immeasurably in the last year, as is evident in the restrained potency and poetic subtlety on the 4 tracks across this accomplished EP, Midnight in Peckham.Taking it's title from the locale the boys have come to know as home, the record channels a delicate late night energy - equally indebted to the hypnotic incantations of Ron Trent as it is to the hazy suburban atmospheres of Burial. These 4 classic cuts pay homage to deep house in it's truest sense - at once sublime, melancholy and meditative . Chaos in the CBD have clearly taken their cue from the mid-west masters of the genre but have not been afraid to let their own influences and environ creep in, and in doing so have created something that is unmistakablely London and infact, timeless.