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New Releases

Overthink Records is back this time with a split EP from the very talented artists Z@p & Stonem. A 4 tracker EP of techno & house with a touch of acid that you can note the particular sound of this artists.
The Metropolitan Soul Museum helmed Kulture Galerie returns with Volume 2 of its various artist focused release series. This new 5 tracks compilation showcases some of the finest Dutch and American sound, all brought together by London's own MSM.Amongst the collection there is an original composition from lauded American artist and Delsin regular John Beltran (+ a special ambient version of said track available exclusively on Bandcamo), and more from Böhm (030303), US' best kept secret Tramic, De Lighting's' own Nathan Kofi & RDS and of course the label bosses Metropolitan Soul Museum themselves.
theBasement proudly presents DÍAS DE CAMPO RECORDS, the Montanejos’ boutique music festival 12” imprint. Valencia’ theBasement crew has created an enduring legacy, and the power of their impact is visceral in Spain. DDC Records is an opportunity to stablish the sound of the 6th edition of one of the best music festivals for vinylovers.Días de D-D-D-D-Dope (DDC001) has the mark of the beast. OTIS, the berlin-based live performer and producer solo EP has been kicking around the best dancefloors and summer festivals. The music itself is beyond stereotype. A four track album featuring some of the artist genre choice: electro, breaks, house and progressive critically acclaimed hits including singles such as “Extra Dimension”, “E3rea”, “D-D-D-D Dope” and “Floxy”. But more than just some anthems, it is a freedom of thinking that extends beyond boxes.
Forest Ill Records is proud to present Nemo Vachez’s debut album, featuring 12 tracks that encapsulate his wide range of influences, from space house to dark synth-pop, as well as hip-hop and breakbeat. Get ready for an incredible musical journey!
Celebrating their 10th release, Tresydos presents a two-part special edition featuring artists that are already part of the family along with some new faces.On this first part of the Number 10 release, Anderson is back with his signature sound giving a strong start to the EP. For A2, Tresydos welcomes Velvet Velour and his fresh take on house music. On the flip side, Babu also debuts on the label with “Luna” and its retro futuristic tones, followed by Penelope’s track “Gathering” which had already been released on Bandcamp and due to popular demand is now on vinyl format.
Ildec's Time To Panic launches his Voidfall VA series with by Samuel Jabba (From The Void Above) , Javier Carballo (Terms), Omar Akhrif (Timeless) and Aniano.
The Sound of Limo long-player is back featuring 12 cuts across three vinyls from Sweely, tINI, Gene, and a cast of players ranging from seasoned veterans to innovative newcomers. Don't hold your horses - get these nugs in your bag
We are incredibly happy to announce Fasme’s return to Nocta Numerica ! Three years after the release of 'Stretched World', Fasme is back with 'Stretched World PT2’, an EP in his inimitable style, which juggles between Electro, Acid and Braindance.
"Muerte y resurrección"
French producer Vitess release a new EP on is own Retro Futura imprint. This EP features four electronic tracks with ravy drums spiralling leads and rich keys meticulously crafted to shape the dancefloor experience.
For our last release of 2023 we’re thrilled to welcome Moisk! Duo composed of Alex Pletnev and Logeshen Moorgan aka Fourmi Rouz, during recent years Moisk have released top notch music on labels such as Pleasure Express, Lost Poncho, Terra Magica, Warning and Mana Abundance. Their Deoxyribose EP is composed of two trancey 4/4 dancefloor bombs on the A side while B side is more about breaks and uptempo jungle madness. Top stuff!
In 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, Gene On Earth created his production masterclass “Nuggets: The Blueprint”. This is the seventh release of a collection of works submitted by students shortly after finishing the course. The class of 2022 overcame expectations and birthed a digital compilation and 5 vinyl releases to come out during 2023.
For this edition, we present to you a selection of works from an enigmatic producer hailing from Pescara, Italy: Yu.Four cuts of relentless, live hardware jams of dynamic club-oriented techno, touching on electro and trance, and packed full of analog richness.Following the due process of artistic exploration, Yu has been recording music incessantly while remaining underground, sharing it with just a lucky few. In fact, it’s quite likely that you’ve heard Yu’s music before, unknowingly.
Following Tom Jarmey and Aiden Francis on Houseum sublabel Ellipse Records, French artist 440 Hz steps up next with his ‘Deep Sea Driving’ EP. It’s a psychedelic six-tracker, mellow through subaquatic melodies, though also built for the club with powerful bass, punchy, stripped-back percussion and breakbeat, UKG and acid influences. ‘Mindscape’ kicks the proceedings off with swirling pads, organ keys and crisp grooves before ‘Gazoline’ joins in with its dubbed-out synth hits and elastic womp-like bass.
Caposile Music is back again with another stunning Ep by its regular monthly guest Manuel De Lorenzi.Manuel is with no doubts a technical student at the old school’s sound. After his almost 20 years of productions, he always searches the perfect combination between grooves from the past with a future attitude and this time he landed on Caposile Music with 3 groovy tunes perfect for any moment of the party. Accompanying by the rising star T. Jacques who gives another dancefloor’s touch to the title’s track.This is “You Freak Me Ep”On the A side we have the title’s track “You Freak Me” who has a strong percussive groove with crunchy vocals and nice chords.Then the other one “Residency” is more uplifting with a killer bassline.On the B side we have the solid remix of “You Freak Me” by T. Jacques who delivers us a fat groove and rolling bassline with Manuel’s rolling percussions.To close the release, we have “Spice The Gap” on B2 Who is an anthem to rock dancefloor, always accompanying by Manuel’s touch with raw percussions, deep stabs and crispy vocals.With this Ep Manuel wanted to create something unique, fat and raw sound and we think this is gonna be a solid one.
Inner Lakes debut’ on Art Of Dark with his 2 0 2 3 EP, the 18th release on the AOD series. A deep, dark & gritty 3 tracker that has been gathering amazing support from top DJ’s within the industry.
Interactive View Of Emotions presents you with a new project called Unknown Resources. While searching the roots of The Unknown Resources’ influences it became apparent that there is a diverse but short bridge from KrautRock to the early 2000’ of Minimal Tech, the innovative grounds that are covered within IVOE003, the “Marching Machine” EP.Inspired by artists such as the legendary Kraftwerk to the Tech-house producer Ulysses and the Post-Krautrock band Fujiya and Miyagi, The Unknown Resources delivers a new interpretation in between the borders of these different eras in the music industry, blurring the lines between the distinctive genres.
New VIL Records!
Emerging from the heart of Brussels, Azo is poised to set the electronic music world ablaze with her latest EP, "Astroculture," scheduled for release on SNC Recs. Featuring four vibrant original tracks and a stellar remix from Offenbach Frankfurt's very own Maruwa, this EP takes listeners on an ecstatic journey through the realms of acid, trance, and high-energy drums.
Introducing "Cybernetics" - The second EP by Philip Biedermann on his own label "The Machine Dream". This release features four meticulously crafted tracks that embrace the dancefloor experience.The EP kicks off with the title track, "Cybernetics," a mesmerizing fusion of a captivating 303 bassline and evocative machine-like sounds.
"Neural Sequence" starts as a techno-infused piece and seamlessly evolves into a melodic wonderland, leaving dancers in awe.
"Digital Emotions" offers a fast-paced and trippy sonic journey, with a groovy yet gnarly bassline and joyful sequences jumping throughout the track.Closing the EP is "Subsonic Sequences," a genre-bending Breaks track with a melodic touch, perfect for both the late-dancefloor and home listening.A big shout-out goes to Lucas Hunter ( for delivering this top-notch vinyl cover.
Salty winds whip the surface of the shallow reef and carry voices on the breeze that whisper of DJ Life’s return to Craigie Knowes. Southern Seas is a deep dive of everything that makes DJ Life’s music special - advanced production techniques for all those that want to dip the dancefloor under turbulent waves. Music for the clubs, music for your mind.
Following the success of their first release, Amanita Gems is back with another four track sizzler featuring the ever-growing, Ukrainian talent - Victor.B!Roll your sleeves and grab your kicks ‘cause this one is directly inspired by urban grooves and back alley bass-lines with a guarantee to pack a punch and deliver high caliber hip movements on the dance floor.Victor.B is an emerging name from the Ukrainian electronic music scene. His prominence grew locally by dispensing a range of styles that were seamlessly stitched into a gnarly live set - showcasing his vivid taste and ability to possess the room during performances.
Australian live hardware-based duo Hybrid Man join On Rotation for a 4 track EP - ‘Overgrown Echos’ exploring their signature dreamy acid-tinged sound.Fusing dub-style mixing and effects with technical finesse, their complex blend of sonic ingredients draw from ambient soundscapes, IDM, 90s trance, dubbed-out house, techno and more. Sprinkled amongst the immersive grooves, left-field sonic artifacts, environmental recordings and live improvised melodies provide filigree sonic detail, with each subsequent listen revealing new layers.Hybrid Man are a special live act to witness and have already released some incredible records on Butter Sessions, Paper-Cuts & Wax'o Paradiso.On Rotation is a Leeds based label, event & mix series run by Chris I’Anson, Lisene & Adam Pits. Artwork illustrated and designed by Patch D Keyes.
Childhood Intelligence’s 18th release by ADSR aka. Todd Nickolas & Dominic Paterson from Toronto, Canada. The 2x12” album presents mostly tracks written and produced by Todd, with A1/D1 being in collaboration with Paterson. "Give a teenager in a rural Canadian setting an analog synthesizer, a drum machine and a four-track cassette recorder and feed him a steady diet of 80s EBM, Post-Punk, Synthpop, Electro, Dub, Acid, Hip Hop and House, and you’ll get the kind of genre melding electronic-based music that Todd Nickolas has been known for since his early days of writing and producing." The end result is a versatile one, with “Passive Articulation” presenting abstract Techno - House - Electro visions, and fusing all the elements of vintage Intelligent Dance Music that we cherish so much: warm basslines, beautiful chord progressions, diverse and surprising arrangements infused with haunting melodies, hypnotic cyber sounds, detached vocal cuts and dubbed percussion.…Overall fresh & timeless classiness for the present, past & future.Recorded various locations New Hamburg, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles. ADSR greatly thanks those who were there from the start, those who joined along the journey and those here now.
Pascale Project debuts on Craigie Knowes with the ‘Good People Only’ EP. The title is lifted from the title track ‘Café Crazy’ – a dance-pop hybrid soaked in good vibes and electronic fun. The 3 original tracks are laced with original lyrics and themes that were written and performed by Pascale Project. A1 is remixed and refoamed by the D. Tiffany with additional vox by NAP.
The first release of "CIRCULO CERRADO" comes from one of label owners Aniano, from Canary Islands. He offers us a solid work of 4 tracks that navigates between house and UK tech with a touch of sophistication from the sounds of one of his influential producersMorgan Geist. A mixture of ranges and textures, with added mystery and dark passages characterizes these productions from young artist Aniano.
New Spanish label Bueno Records kicks off their discography with a reissue of a classic Spanish house record from circa 1998.The perfect record for the end of the summer, arriving just in time for the last summer days and nights.
The First Release from Mtkvarze Records (MTKV001) brings together three of the most interesting Producers from the Mtkvarze club’s 2023 season. on A1 first track is from Sohrab, Mtkvarze’s Resident Artist now based in London, known as a truly gifted Producer with his hard-wired ability for dark melodic flair. The second track is crafted by one of the brightest Producers from Tbilisi, - Cobert, who has released almost 10 vinyl on labels such as Minibus, Amazing Stories, Partisan, 3n0 Records, Mung Records and Casa Voyager. The B side contains two tracks from Levan Grdzelidze, the mastermind behind the independent label Glispy Records, which has quickly gained recognition since its establishment back in 2021 and has already published six releases.
"I couldn't exactly explain why these tracks created under my Lips Vago guise remained unreleased for so long. I didn't mean to 'hide' them of course, I always considered them on a par with my experimental music that had more luck instead. Perhaps the real reason is that during the years when I was most active there was not much room, and consequently interest, for these kinds of sounds in my social circles, and these pieces never reached the 'right' ears. Then the years passed and I never really tried to 'push' them anyway... I am really glad that things are changing now."Mostly recorded in 1996, the four tracks on the "Fictional Selfs" EP exhibit an attention to melody that is skillfully declined in different ways. Whether it is the epic build-up and refrain of "The Mobility of Her Features" - a track which the author admit was "dedicated to a girl larger than life, in many ways..." - or the incredibly cheesy keyboard solos in "Filler 4" - inspired by no less than Mike Paradinas / Mu-Ziq's alias Jake Slazenger: "I've got my Alesis HR16 drum machine just because I knew it was on his kit list..." - Marutti clearly knows his stuff and the entertaining qualities of his music ooze from every note.Anyone curious to hear the original version of "Laughing Stock" will have to wait a little longer, but the Remix gracing the second side of the EP offers a thoroughly enjoyable version, in which multiple organ parts playfully chase each other over a forest of assorted percussion and synthetic laughter. The last track, "VST Atlas", the only one in this collection dating to 1999, expands the sound range by using various samples - "That was the very first track I recorded using Cubase VST, hence the title." - and opens a window on the more recent productions of the project.As already mentioned, Lips Vago's "Fictional Selfs EP" only manages to scratch the surface of the author's large archive of unpublished recordings, but judging from these four pieces the 'dark side' of Andrea Marutti looks so bright you would not believe it.
The second serving of Grub is here from Swiss beatmaker - Andy Kas. His animated sound spread heavily across four thick cuts, an all you can eat buffet that packs a punch. Nostalgic gaming energy which the rising producer has built a reputation for, combining that with a fresh and modern take for the dance floor. Sweet tasting sounds straight out of ”Decay Island GP”, built upon tight elastic grooves full of charming character.
Dear music enthusiasts, it's time to dive deep into the sonic world of Plastic Machine, a duo from France composed by Cold Colors and Guillaume Geay. Their latest release, REM002, is a musical tapestry that weaves together six captivating tracks, each with its own unique story to tell. Let's embark on this journey together...
Tape Hiss is a producer from Brooklyn New York. This is a record about finding moments of beauty,happiness and hope in trying times. It is in part inspired by and dedicated to the life of the late NathanielJ.Whelton who ran the ‘Love Notes from Brooklyn’ label for many years-and contributed his poetryregularly to the music zine ‘Love Injection.’ The track titles are riffs on lines of his poetry, and when readin order mimic the cadence and style of his writing
Welt Discos' latest delivery is the debut solo record from DJ/producer/radio host Stephen Howe. The Mimesis EP gives us a convincing introduction to his highly musical sound: spontaneous yet tightly arranged, referential yet idiosyncratic, and not afraid to take the odd left turn. From 80s electro dynamism to loopy techno deepness to broken introspection, this is a diverse and surprising set of dancefloor grooves brought together by Stephen's knack for harmony, counterpoint and tone.
Floating above the clouds you’ll find some extra silky producers making their beats. Specialising in smooth, sunshine coated dancefloor flavours; they are individuals who like to put a smile on your face and make you feel warm inside. For the inaugural release, Velvet Velour’s new outlet; Silky Beats, invites three of the smoothest operators around- B.Love, Bowyer and Astral Wayne to the platform, and contributes a track from himself for the B2. Enjoy!
For its sixth installment, Mr.Banger escorts you to some unknown dimensions with Rokko. The Slovenian artist delivers four cheerful tracks filled with sweetness.
After a well received debut release (Rebirth EP) World Wide Web Records return with a release more crafted for the dancefloor. Showcasing new talents again and this time featuring artists such as Majo, Gãl, Denis Skok and Filip Sala it's another release full of vibrancy and intention. Get yourself hooked up on the World Wide Web once more !
Boris Divider presents a new original release with this 3 tracker ep. New refreshing stu¬ for the Drivecom’s catalogue after the more experimental electro works from the “Generative Operations” series, and after the limited 20th anniversary reissues of “Ultralink” and “Take My Beat”.Now it’s time to hear and feel “Your Light”. A special work that brings back the puristic electro vibe from the early works on Drivecom but with a new sonic spectrum and powerful sound production. Repetitive and syncopated synthlines as Divider’s ID signature, powerful rhythm patterns and an exclusive and unique vocoder treatment that build-up the original track to open the A side. Meanwhile A2 track “Your Light” (The Variant Version) is a slowed and darker deep version that will remind us some kind of an aseptic and much more minimalistic sound design with some similar soundscapes and echoes of the earlier Arpanet’s stu¬. In the other side, “Your Light” (The Infrared Version) is a ready-for-the- oor soundtrack with more aggressive FM synth modulations and characteristic pitch-shifted voice, a track that keep the essence of the original title but balances the release into a more solid club-oriented tool.About the message behind this track. The lyrics represent a desire from an entity who wants to know the deal about the deepest wishes and ever growing curiosity of mankind and their di¬erent pro les, and with such statement the entity wants to feel what are we made of and shows to the audience if they really understand what scienti c evolution means for their own, the human race, with all the pros and cons, an always double-sided sword taking the light as a pure and indomable source of energy. This message is also re ected in a special Video clip you’ll nd soon on Drivecom’s YouTube channel as a bonus promotional material.A great balanced 12” Ep which serves as an introduction for what we’ll have in the near future: “Memories from the Dust”. A long awaited new B. Divider’s album on Drivecom records.
UK dancefloor guru Kepler steps up next for Brouqade to firmly bring the rhythm and groove.
Next up on Paper-Cuts is the individual works of Roza Terenzi & Furious Frank in a new series for the label featuring 2 artists in unison over a full length, double feature LP. Split across six-tracks the two Australian born artists deliver a like-minded swarm of mid-tempo breaks, lush ambience, unrelenting drum & bass and techno.
Accented Measures Series presents Prime Cosmo, a new alias and concept formed over a year ago focusing on early 80s electro, big beat and melodic sequences. Using the Yamaha RX15 sonic possibilities were pushed to the limit with 2 original jam rollers on the A-Side and for the B-Side featuring 2 beefy, thundering & chundering Italo-Style megamixes from Nila's Quest TopBoy, TOBI.

KMA60 Exclusive Pre-orders

After grinding for a solid 10 years, it's finally time to dive headfirst into a sick audio adventure with four artists we totally vibe with and seriously appreciate. This is the ultimate kickoff for the island's brand-new saga, it's gonna be epic! Hope each of you finds your absolute banger.Welcome to the island, fam! 🌴
Like a phoenix from the ashes, or Ukrainian culture after centuries of demolition, the Kyiv based label Noneside Records is experiencing its revival and rebirth. After all, «Nothing will stop an idea whose time has come» - these words of chief Stepan Bandera make it clear to everyone: if you really burn with sincere emotion for your dream - no difficulties will stop you on the way to its realization. Five unique tracks from Slava Los, Yevhenii Loi, Lostlojic, Luschn and aqua. - is a tech house with elements of trance with soul and passion from musicians who write music despite the war. Visualization of the whole action on the record is the picture «The hug» by the Lviv artist Oles Derega.Slava Los makes his debut on vinyl with the beautiful track «Snus» - old school trance in the best traditions. The author now defends the borders in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so he decided to fulfill his old dream about the vinyl. Yevgeny Loi is also currently in the military, but this did not prevent him from making a new version of «Bounce» - a trance for a slow, erotic dance mood. Lostlojic, who is also the art director of the project, recalls the important message of «Send Me F16» in the uncompromising track of the same name, or rather in its VIP version created especially for the release. Known to vinyl collectors for releases on Deeptrax and Infinite Pleasure. Luschn, a Kyiv legend and mega productive musician, known to tech house maniacs for his releases on Vector.Kyiv and Noneside, invites you to have fun and crazy dances with friends to his rehearsed «Ostinato Transdanz». Newbie aqua. has a unique recognizable style, where the rhythm is constantly changing in each track, nostalgic for the favorite place of childhood - near the Hydroelectric Station in Zaporizhzhia, crazy beats and steppe motifs in the track «H.E.S.».
We are pleased to present the new Hypnohouse release! Troy VS, originally from Odessa and now exploring Berlin's vibrant soundscape, brings an EP inspired by the echoes of his native PORT club and memories of his coastal hometown. Dive into the lush mix of buzzing leads, otherworldly pads, and a steady kick that takes your mind on a cosmic journey.
After their stellar debut release by KOS, Portal Records serve up their next surestrike with help from house vibemaster Tommy Vicari Jnr. More Timeless grooves from your favourite dormant record label.
New label Packet begins with the aim of providing all your nightclub supplement needs. Serious club tracks tried and trusted, re-edited and repackaged with a view to moving the dancefloor. As per, vinyl only and severely limited. Who's got the bag ?
Radioaktion Recordings is glad to present its first project by Arnic, a four track EP that features future-retro sounds with an emphasis on the emotional part of electronic dance music. Side A leans into the more obscure and mysterious side of things. A1 is full of emotional darkness dragging the A2 along with a little bit of rock influence, hence creating the character Dr. Machine.The B side is for the lovers and heart breakers, but on the dancefloor rather than in real life.
Blessings Vol 1 is the first project of independent record label God Gives Records.Establishing a bridge between house and rap music, this various artists compilation allows to explore and experiment new sounds that can still directly appeal to the main audience.You won’t hear this anywhere else.
Emotional Damage EP, is the result of a collaboration between Alyhas & Occibel. Friends and now colleagues, they have decided to work together on a house, funk and electro EP. It's made up of 3 eclectic tracks: House, Funk and Electro-House. For his part, Tiago Walter took up the challenge of remixing the track Emotional Damage, bringing his own deeper touch to the mix, which takes the idea of this eclectic EP even further.
For this first release of 2024 we are delighted to welcome Levan Grdzelidze, Tbilisi-based artist and founder of the Glispy Records label. After a standout first vinyl release on the Mtkvarze imprint, he delivers his first full-length record on Chat Noir Tools.
First release for the label, with this nice various from 5 different artists. Prince de Takicardie, Idris Bena as well as Zaapp-ared honor us with their presence. Everything Flows.
For their 4th release, Gnistan Records enlist young Swedish newcomer Baenglund. After launching his Firma Grande label earlier this year he produces a varied five tracker here in his own imitable style.
New sub-label from Accessory Records; starting with some murderous punk style edits. Killer !
Unknown minimal slammers from mysterious Berlin based hero The Wolf.
Liquid Memory Records return from their power packed debut release with another VA affair featuring a familiar core of artists. Elroi, Ori Raz and Serenity Now all feature here again alongside newcomer WhereIsFenix joining the gang. As with the first release, expect dancefloor rhythms coupled with some deepness and dub thrown into the mix.
Reality is overwhelming. The future remains a big question mark while the present seems to be increasingly crude, twisted and bleak. Inevitably witnessing and feeding off this malaise, Bruno presents "Quemando Iglesias," an EP born in the vertiginous years of 2020 and 2021. It will be the first of many manifestos that Desencanto will have to deal with the disillusions of today's world: political, social, economic and also those left by old loves.
For REZ24twentyfour we enlist an enigmatic producer from Berlin in Mario Panagiotis. Compiling four tracks from his two EP's that were previously released on independent label ISM Productions during the mid 90's. From the Housey French vibes of 'Step 2' and 'Do It Again' to the hypnotic breakbeat sounds of 'Autumn' and nicely rounded off with the epic Soundtrack-esque end-of-nighter 'Lost' it's a complete compilation to the sound of Mario in his heyday.
With an album of unreleased tracks from 1986-1995 out very soon we turn our attention to the future past and proudly present a re-release of Professor Oz's 'Proz' EP. Originally released on Olivier Le Castor's ADSR Records back in '93 it's 5 tracks that were actually recorded in Paris in the late 80's that still sound as fresh today as when they were conceived. Packing a car full of studio gear (Synths, Rhythm Box, FX etc) and taking a road trip from Strasbourg to Paris to record the EP the final result is extremely impressive for a debut record. Up The Prof !
After two recent intriguing VA releases (006 & 007) the Picnic crew get back down to original business with an EP from B.AI. Carefully choosing her path since 2021 with previous stellar releases on labels such as Sequalog, Fresh Tunez and Pleasure Club her latest effort encapsulates the signature sounds that have made her a standout performer since. Fusing elements of house, techno, electro & electronica it's an EP with tracks full of intention and captivating moments further solidifying B.AI's reputation of having a style completely of her own.


SlapFunk return to the world of phonographic recordings with a mini album split into two ep’s from the highly regarded Tommy Vicari Jnr.Hailing from the steel city of Sheffield he forged a new bond with the label after a standout DJ set at one of the famous SlapFunk parties and then delivered 8 solid tracks to work the speaker stacks.Even with a minimal approach to the main ingredients in the productions, the results have been creating maximum impact on the dance floor, fully road tested at some of the best parties and festivals. Deep,moody, glitched out grooves collide with warehouse box jams that will soon get you throwing some serious shapes.We are thrilled to have such a talent appear on our label and are very excited to present to you this dynamite double disc release. soft pads that will make you close your eyes and dive into intense reflections.
Enter rebellious sonic wonders. Natural Goofy's Planka Records label is finally here.
Following the direction of previous Dahlia records DAHLIA993 contains three tracks for some very unique dance floor moments. Emotive pads and melodies mixed with hypnotic acid lines and dynamic compositions make up this stunning three track EP. Signature cosmic and groovy S.A.M. sounds on A1 and B1 cuts, while B2 ‘Hibernation’ shows a restrained minimal and slightly conceptual spacious energy with a beautiful string outro. Let yourself get carried away
BinarySound launches its new vinyl series BS-LTD, limited to 250 copies.First installment is from two young artists who have already released on the french label through their yearly digital compilation “Bye Bye”.On the A side, Kawaii San, half japanese / half english producer based in London.On the B side, Nathan Boost, Belgian based in Antwerp, owner of the young label & collective Hotbox. 250 copies limited.
Everybody Trance is more than proud to crash onto labels bubble, with the first episode: Various Vol. 1., illustrating our bash vision with a frenetic and hypnotic grooves tour. Dense, knotty and intoxicating tracks, overflowing with finesse, display all over this EP, including Maelita & Kick 21, Botwin, Gogo Gadgeto, Subsism and Ekzander, mastered by Alden Tyrell and designed by Jimmy Premier.
E-Bony and La Mverte X LONEWOLF number 15.Serving up a sublime heavy club-ready techno and futuristic soundscapes EP!
Squid Recordings inks its way into existence with a heavy foot on rave Americana.Four tunes, club-risen in an oven safe pan, dive into new territories for the California born Taylor Freels. SR001 grounds itself in the wirings of synths past while still focusing on heavy, sample-flipping grooves. The inaugural 12” for the project is a taste test for what is to come.
4 bugged-out and massive club jams by Jamie Leather and Christopher Ledger for their Craigie Knowes debut. A serious mix of house, breaks and electronics that tie back to the golden age of dance music while rocketing towards a pure and technologic future. The A-side coming courtesy of their joint CLJL moniker while the B-side is produced solo by Jamie Leather. If you’ve been at a festival in the summer of 2023 it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard this one blowing the roof off a tent laden with party-goers or sending the soundsystem into meltdown at your favourite outdoor arena.
Boaksi’s first EP “Under the Pavilion” builds upon the productions of his debut album by featuring a combination of more club oriented elements together, often characterised by layered synth patterns, breaks and textured percussion. As the second release on Small Steps, Boaksi looks to create an ethereal and refined sound to follow the labels dreamy ambience. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes upbeat. The EP reminds us with its mellow vocals of warm bright summer days.
Placid aka Paul Wise is the chief in command at ‘We’re Going Deep’ – an online community and record label, born out of a lifelong affair with the many shades of electronic rhythm and obsession for collecting records since 1988. On a mission to share and release new music via his We’re Going Deep imprint: you’ll find only the best in Acid, Electro, IDM, Techno and Deep House for the dance floor, front room or even just your headphones.
There's a hot new wave rising up from the streets of Buenos Aires and Guile has caught it. The Argentinian surfs deftly from hip-house bassline nuggets all the way to a tribal sunrise diamond, catching a few splashes of acid along the way. Get on board with this nugmeister.
SEXTAPE005 lands in the form of four ethereal modular jams courtesy of Bristol-based Boulderhead. “Tomorrow People” is a record which tickles the dancefloor’s most tender spots, the tracks are trippy, dreamy and warm yet all the while driving, complex and intense.The record kicks off with Okii - a sassy bassline driven groover with a playful vocal destined to put a smile on any listeners face. The intensity is turned up a notch with A2 - Tomorrow People, a slinky fist pumper with squelchy stabs and dissonant vocals designed to get the crowd going.On the flip Informatic serves a tight yet smooth ride into bliss via shuffly percussion and long and enveloping pads resulting in a track with perfect utility for the warm up or the crack on. The EP ends with Nutrient Streams, a sticky minimal roller that cruises effortlessly with the same psychedelic swagger heard throughout the whole EP.
Next up on Anthea’s Partisan label is Spanish producer, ildec. His refined taste, and curious, intricately arranged productions are showcased in the “Sunrise in Ukraine EP.” It maneuvers effortlessly between mind stretching material and ravey textures, broken drums and acid tinges, a sound synonymous with his widely appreciated productions and DJ sets. ildec sits comfortably on the sought after Partisan imprint, a label continuously striking it hot as Anthea continues to propel music from a mixture of artists, growing the tight Partisan family.
Wildflower Records is back with the fourth release after its reboot, presenting this time the new “NERIMENNIE“ project run by Alex Neri together with Italian studio talent Mennie.
DFR will start the new year with its second release, this time by Venezuelan artist Log_In.An 80’s revival - connecting old and new school sounds with a vintage touch. From high energy hooks to deep evolving breaks, all four tracks focusing on emotional dance floor effect. TIP!
French producer Vitess release a new EP on is own Retro Futura imprint. This EP features four electronic tracks with ravy drums spiralling leads and rich keys meticulously crafted to shape the dancefloor experience.
Overthink Records is back this time with a split EP from the very talented artists Z@p & Stonem. A 4 tracker EP of techno & house with a touch of acid that you can note the particular sound of this artists.
Forest Ill Records is proud to present Nemo Vachez’s debut album, featuring 12 tracks that encapsulate his wide range of influences, from space house to dark synth-pop, as well as hip-hop and breakbeat. Get ready for an incredible musical journey!
Baby Rollén’s Slump Recordings kicks off 2024 with a powerful 4-track EP of dancefloor ready, tech-driven rollers with an authentic 90’s feel throughout. Brothers Will and Max, aka Duowe continue to mesmerize clubs with their classic OG house sonics.
Nothing But Nice is back for round 4 with an EP from co-founder James Andrew. The 4 track excursion showcases James’ current sound palette, ranging from deep and dubby, to groovy and trippy, each guaranteed to do the do.Nicely!
Groove To Grave Records is back with a second vinyl release, and for this one they are welcoming the Parisian trio Kitchen Plug.From ghetto house to break and minimal these 3 silly boys love to produce tracks with nasty bass, metallic acid and raw drums. For their first solo EP on vinyl, they wanted to add a early 2000’ electro vibe to their ghetto style for a brainless result. Get ready for 4 bangers, including a tremendous remix from Karaba.Our travel start with Hm that bass that tells the delicious story of a young pretty cuistot who discovers the secret for a round and saucy gourmet bassline. Next we have Amor da Franceca who is the class clown of this promo. Ready to throw all hopes of a bright future away only to entertain the class. Despite its quite chill demeanor, Meleee packs a devilish punch and boisterous accents of childhood, lost but not forgotten. And last, Karaba’s remix for melee, emphasises the french cancan aspect of our 3 majorettes. Dark red light, pale skin, round booties, dark blue eyes on a shady scene.
Following their contribution to the 2022 International Women’s Day compilation, and a co-production credit on “Dreaming is Essential” by Byron Yeates, Eoin DJ drops their first release on Radiant Records, Total Body. The 4-track EP is replete with mind-bending, lustrous tracks waiting to be spun out to sweatbox dancefloors.“Total Body” invites movement from its first seconds. Layers and layers of snares, shakers and rhythmic synth stabs build tension before the pulse of a rolling bassline cements the elements into a cohesive hard house groove. Fragments and chops of sensx’s vocals wrap in and around the sonic field, leaving wisps of reverb and echo in their wake before repeating the track’s Total Body mantra in the breakdown. The result is a lushly-scored density of sound, with a relentless stomp that never feels overcrowded or too heavy.Angel D’lite’s remix takes a more skeletal approach to “Total Body”: a snare and clap march beneath chiming vocal stabs, rumbling low end and rolling breakbeats, flipping the original into a modern bass-heavy hybrid number. The rhythmic synth from the original, reversed and efex’d, ushers us in, and then out of the track, around extra bass stabs and pitch shifted “Total Body” chops.On the B side, “Ultra Soft” lifts off with a firm kick and a rolling 3-note bassline. Despite the title, the track hits harder than “Total Body” and sings with Eoin DJ signatures: swirling funnels of processed vocals, rich, ear-itching textures, stripped back percussion and rave-ready samples are sprinkled with 303s, to create a track that sits comfortably with both classic trance and techno and contemporary “Progressive” dance music.The EP’s closer, a remix of “Ultra Soft” by Byron Yeates, compresses the astrally-inclined scale of the original track into shining slices of sound. A playful, chiming melody starts off the track alongside the kick, working through precise grooves, knife-sharp snares, a throbbing bass and chopped-up, smokey vocals. The result: 6 minutes of total embodiment from the Radiant Records boss.
The night stretches through the forest of existenceNot a drop of lightCan slip through the leavesLost in this columned mazeTwo trees are enough to form a doorVirtual Forest Records are delighted to present their first vinyl release, a 5-track journey by Brainbeats, Mohammed Vicente's alter ego.Old-school trance nostalgia, dreamy breakbeats & hard-hitting serenades: this release merges all genres into a timeless synthetic voyage.Who knows where it leads?
A 5-track VA 12-inch record, featuring music from Olsvangèr, MYKI, Mo.huv, Tingz, Asphalt DJ and Gzardin.
“Ten” expands the label’s rave-dance nostalgic approach to wider realms of ecstatic electronic soundscapes.
TheA1 features Olsvangèr with a galloping-yet deep and groove-heavy house gem, followed by Asphalt DJ & Gzardin on A2 with a pure ravey belter!
A3 Belongs to MYKI with a deep and hypnotic house cut.
B1 Is by Tingz & Mo.huv, a dirty galloping breaky track, bass-heavy, with some ghetto vocals and distorted darbukas.
B2 by DJ Headshot on a downtempo after hours trippy twist.

Mephis is back with All Killer No Filler Vol. 2; yet another faithful compilation of the eclectic Uruguayan underground sound.Elias brings the timeless, hypnotic and energetic loopiness. Stonem comes with the intense and tense, acidic and robotic electro breaks.Alfalfa serves an introspective acid trance bonanza extravaganza and Two Phase U delivers a majestic and melancholic acid-tech-dubby masterpiece.If you don't have enough cash for holidays in Montevideo, feel free to get MPHS004 and have a nice little mind trip to the south.
For our fourth record we have DZ’s take on spaced out, dub infused techno house.On the A side expect heavy bass, delayed guitars, breaks and echoing vocals throughout. Followed by the B side taking a step down in tempo and intensity.
Bassline technicality and production prowess by Fader Cap on his return to Craigie Knowes. 4 tracks that combine club-sensibilities with width and melody to transcend dancefloors to the outer realms. Echo Chamber provides DJs with a mix of club-focussed beats for all times of the night, strap in.
Polarity Records finally returns with its seventh release with a various artists.Opening 4 intense stories EP in side A1 is Giuseppe Angeloro, a talented young Italian producer with one of his tracks that has already ignited several European dancefloors. He will share this side with one of the co-founders of the Offenbach-based HWSD collective Cedrik Dekowski and his strong jamming Roayal, spinning the record will be done by label cofounder Luca Piermattei with Italian voices inside the track, in company with a techno groove and melodic track by the other talented HWSD producer now based in South Korea, Thilo dietrich. These are four different tracks but with a minimum common determiner , that of having a killer instinct for your dancefloor!
For the upcoming instalment of 'Abstrack Future', Diskorrekt co-founder and label head Cape has brought together four of the most prolific Latin American producers for a 'various artists' compilation. Totally dancefloor oriented and designed to make you lose track of time through a mix of energetic and atmospheric futuristic techno and trance with a tribal twist. Connecting the past with the present will not let you unveil the future.We would like to present Two Phase U, Manuk, and Mat Roz all together in this unforgettable compilation that you won't take out of your dj dag for a long time.
Maara’s out to make mischief with the wryly titled ‘Hear Me Neigh’.
Superluminal cult continues beyond time, this very last catalog ends the Re-Discovery series as a perfect trilogy established by deejay and producer Matthias. These four pieces were composed in the same period where the 961 Studer mixing console was added to the artist studio, summoning their low-ending drum patterns blended into epic polyphonic strings and pads.The artist gives a wide open glimpse of more dancefloor-oriented materials, the complex and alternate disco-funk synth orientation is well orchestrated without indulgence and most certainly gives birth to four songs of extreme versatility and DJ functionality. Once more the use of the vocoder is largely influential over the arrangements, adding romantic stratified atmospheres of riverbed nostalgia. A retro & modern territories alignment was the catalyst element of the artist's musical style orientation, outletting its sound into a unique musical genre.
Source 02 is the second release from the Uruguayan label New Source. We are pleased to have the debut of Lorenzo Batlle, Uruguayan producer and DJ.
LDDLJ009 welcomes Yuri Ruggieri aka Yu an Italian producer born in Pescara and currently living in Berlin. Occasionally does not harm to sign a young artist based only on the music is making. That's the case of Yuri whose tracks fit perfectly with the vibe and ethos of our label. Expect a magnetic and zesty analog sound blending Electro, Techno and House in a very personal way.
For SPACEDUST7, we welcome Jay Gadian to the label, who steps up 4 forward-thinking electro cuts for 'The Archive' EP. On side A, murmurs from beneath the warbling top line of 'Sensory' evoke memories of dark, heady corners of the dance floor, whilst the fog clears with the sharp percussion work of Green Dimension.The flip opens in a more subdued manner with the circuitry of '20 or More' gently weeping, before 'East' closes off the record with laser beam synths cutting through washes of tense strings alongside further crisp drum work.
Garage Hermétique bids farewell to the music studio where many seeds were planted between 2016 and 2020, including Onirik's solo projects and collaborations. Hidden under the Schlesicher Tor underground station, it was a chaotic but special place. This release contains a number of tracks recorded at the beloved location, with different aesthetics, seeking a balance between positive and mysterious vibes. On A1 and B1 we find two tracks from the collaborative project Oni-KI. On A2 we find a west coast infused joint recorded with jazz pianist (and ex-Flatmate) Uri Gincel. The ep is rounded off on B2 with a solo production by Onirik, aimed at potential mind relaxation. Good Bye Schlesi.
Under the passionate direction of Fonte, Iceman Records is set to launch in February, spotlighting artists from the '90s and 2000s who, despite their exceptional talent, went unnoticed. This label aims to resurrect forgotten musical gems, providing a platform for these artists to share their unique creativity. With a vision to blend the classic with the contemporary, Iceman Records promises a thrilling revival in the realm of electronic music.
It’s approximately been a year since Antoine lost what would have been his debut album, ironically dubbed ‘Humour. Positivity & Affection’. In its wake, stemmed the idea for the producer to reform his conceptually based project (Mise En Place) into a vinyl only label.The Land Down Dunder EP being the first, of hopefully, many releases throughout this new imprint. The label head feels there is no better way to start this campaign, than with a body of work, entirely inspired by the modern, timeless TV Sitcom - The Office (US).
Grandma brings you on a new journey, let's move on
The Don is back to round off the series with maybe his most sought after release, Remember EP.
Having been lost in the Discogs realms for many years, the elusive Piroman returns to re-release another one of his old gems. This time coming in the form of his 'Sweat Songs' EP, previously released on Fragments at the end of the 90’s.
Outside In is back in quick succession with number 3, this time from two artists close to home.
Sex Tapes From Mars return with four more scintillating dancefloor-centric beats procured from the outer regions of the galaxy for your listening pleasure.
Celebrating their 10th release, Tresydos presents a two-part special edition featuring artists that are already part of the family along with some new faces.
Berlin-based and London-raised Revivis heads fresh into 2024 with the second release on his own Santo Tomas imprint. Successfully launching the label in 2023, the rising British DJ and producer’s new body of work showcases his maturing and expanding taste in electronic sounds.
Physical Education are back to present Occibel’s latest EP, Better Days. The four track release to transport you into Occibel’s timeless universe, with the treasure of an additional remix by Fantastic Man.
Bonafide boingtastic. Release your release.
Through their music curation work at One Eye Witness, co-founder Hylke has been silently influencing the sounds that resonate in clubs and underground dance music record collections around the world.His newly created label Spectral Bounce takes it one step deeper, providing a platform for music imbued with eerie grooves and subtly expressive energy, capturing the listener right at their core.SPEC01 - Force of Nature - Is the fruit of the long-standing musical relationship and shared visions of producer and Selector RDS and Spectral Bounce, the perfect catalogue opener.Over four moody club-ready tracks, RDS dives into the sound of the after-hours, where minds are freed and darker energies are expressed. Both sides display perfectly controlled acid synthesis, heart-grabbing bass lines, cut-through drum sampling and an extremely textured and gritty mix. RDS' musical influences are clearly felt, harmoniously fusing UK 90s bleep techno, spacey tech house and dub with his own emotional perspective to club music.The Dutch producer's distinct dance floor sound is here captured in its essence, processed through his expressive electronic machines while controlling tempo and energy in a unique manner. This EP is a sonic statement, offering the listener the Spectral Bounce sound.Words by Hervé KacouArtwork & Logo by Susanne Janssen
We are delighted to present you a fresh EP from our French friend Gauvain. His tech- trance tracks with samples from old movies are bringing a mysterious dance vibe to any floor. Next to making dance music he is also known as JJ Boooth the man who can change wood into spectacular DJ booths..
UTE012 is an EP from Ute co-founder Teo Bachs who is coming straight off his EP debut on the Seoul based label Junction Forest. This time around traversing more moody and melancholic territory showcasing his spectrum of deep trance, tribal breaks & hypnotic atmospheres for his Ute.Rec EP debut.
For the first EP, the Belgian imprint Sequence, is releasing 3 tracks from one of the Belgium finest electronic music band, Mayaku.Mastered from the original and unreleased DAT tapes from the early 2000’s, this well configured EP brings you on a sweet journey and gives you a glimpse of what timeless music tastes.
The first release of "CIRCULO CERRADO" comes from one of label owners Aniano, from Canary Islands. He offers us a solid work of 4 tracks that navigates between house and UK tech with a touch of sophistication from the sounds of one of his influential producersMorgan Geist. A mixture of ranges and textures, with added mystery and dark passages characterizes these productions from young artist Aniano.
Junes delivers ‘Sapphire Tomb’, the 5th instalment of his Dote series.
Ladies and Gentlemen here are the Night Situations created by the young and promising producer Franco aka ffrvnco. Hailing from the beautiful country called Argentina he already managed to make enough noise for a lot of us music lovers to notice and keeping attention on this man’s sound output.
After a 3-year hiatus, Noerk is back with a spacey acidic three tracker plus a rolling peaktime remix from our good friend and really talented producer Lee Burton. Untitled_02 is an electrified, deep yet funky tribute to Vangelis (as we perceive it) with lush synthesizers and grooving 303s. Pending forties is reminding us of the 90s era when sample based breakbeat and acid realised they were made for each other like peanut butter and jelly. It's Over (original mix), on the other hand, follows a more straightforward 4 on the floor loop and lets the jazzy chords and the intergalactic melodies do all the work. Lee Burton's remix wraps up the EP nicely offering us a certified banger with 90s house elements that can destroy any dancefloor. We have entered the wormhole. Time and space are no longer relevant. Only feelings.
2023 REPRESS !CLASSIC REISSUE !!!Deep System - Radarscope © 1993 Evolution Records.*Morose - Holy Ghost © 1996 Humboldt County Records.2 tracks45 RPMCompiled by Rey Colino.Mastered by Rashad Becker.Cut at The Exchange.Design by AJAM.*Deep System - Radarscope is vinyl only.