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Fukuinn 01

Fukuinn 01








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 27, 2020

In the winter of 2020, the excellent sounds of four artists will be released on the newly established "fukuinn" label from Japan. In A1, there is a Chicago-like killer track by Japan's leading acid master Humandrone. Sound Synthesis, which releases many works from various European labels, plays an atmospheric electro track on A2. Cool and Frank can be listened to on the B1 with their unique and minimal electro. B2 track with awesome machine sounds by viewtiful joe, the forefront of the next-generation electro scene. It is a gorgeous release with no lost tracks and will be released on vinyl only.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Human Drone - Nite Runner


Sound Synthesis - Hertz Frequency


Cool and Frank - From The Marsh To The Point


Viewful Joe - Sugar Daddy

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Sons of Traders 002 is a Compilation 8 Tracks Ep of loosely knit artists that surround the duo Sons of Traders (Mike Tansella Jr. and TANS). Leading the EP, the title track “Rotten to the Core” is a slow stomper with a forceful vocal sample and some various squelches. LA’s Kosmik picks up the tempo with “Murmurs” which features a hypnotic synth loop over a 4/4 beat. On “Chomping at the Bit” C.L.A.W.S. and Tyrell trade off between claps, hi hats and short delays underneath a sinister synth tone. To close the A side of the record is Future Blondes out of Texas with “2020 ultra visions”, a cut that can only be described as a sinister barrage of slamming drums and tones. The B side launches with “The Other Side of Town” by The White Lines, a dark electro workout with vocal samples, dark synths and growling bassline. Frigio label boss Juan Pablo brings us an intricate drum pattern with layers of synths on “Night Drive in Beijing”. “Self Feral” by Chris Mitchell is something with a hip hop swing, heavy drums, various feedback and vocals. Closing the EP is Dragee, a new artist from Tel Aviv. “Them” features a hard snare that holds together the demented vocals, claps and bassline that develop throughout the track.
"Cosmic Shit" is the debut EP of Chronic, Mazette Records' founders.The french duo produces a progressive EP that goes from deep house music with acid influences to minimal or even broken rhythms.A long journey and long months of work to finally bring a new touch to the house music that we know so well.Cosmic Shit reminds of this craze they have for electronic music that pushed them to see this far. For them, it's the beginning of a new era.
“You hear that knockin’? It sounds like another one guest at the Back Door….” For their 10th release, Orlando, Florida residing label Back Door Records opens the gate wide open for Lima producer Piero Casanova aka DJ Casanouva. With a classic house shuffle and a cheeky flair, listeners are treated to Casanova’s signature brand of deep electronic funk.Back Door Records gets Deep & Smokey with their latest offering from Dj Casanouva. This slice of classical ranging House music is a sure-fire heater for the coming summer.With 3 originals in the package alongside a Dj Jus-Ed remix which turns up the heat yet again in his unique style. This package also drops the Pishonapella for those more adventurous DJs.
The 2nd release of "fukuinn" label has brought together 4 groups of cutting-edge artists who are active in Europe.Do_1 & GGGG is the first. His details will not be disclosed, but it is a destructive sound by French nice guys who have been active in the electro and braindance scenes of the last few years.A2 is Weith. He presides over Brainwaves and has released tracks on many labels. Italian producer Caramel Chameleon who is also active in 030303 Records. The moving IDM sound is a must listen. Featured newcomer Tadan offers a clear electro track that is unique to him. This release is packed with variety of electro and acid tracks. Vinyl only!!

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