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Various Artists
Winch Move EP

Winch Move EP
Winch Move EPWinch Move EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 17, 2022

Winch Move EP, Minimal, House, 3 Mâts Records, 3MA001, Electronic Music, Vinyl Records, Chat Noir distribution, Chat Noir store,

In this first release, four seafarers coming from across France set off for a unique music journey.
Grotz with his deep tech-house and up-beat touch.
Ionescu with his groovy minimal combining a jazzy flow with rhythmic breaks.
Sunaas and his 90’s references with a mellow and acid punch.
Sekance with his trance and electro beaming vibes.
It is a melting pot of styles and sounds representing the label's core: a unique quest for sounds that the artists chose to share in every release. Through this first eclectic EP, the crew of 3 MÂTS invite us for a sea sprayed journey right in the heart of emerging house music.

Anchors aweigh!!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Grotz – Suiton


Ionescu - Just Add Water


Sunaas - Aqua Storm


Sekance - Whirlpool

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STRCTR's latest and greatest EP comes from Ruff Stuff. Italian born, Berlin based Gianfranco “Nanni” Barnaba, is the mind behind Ruff Stuff. His music rooted in the influences of old school House, Deep and Garage with a propensity to find the newest, freshest sounds. Delivering them in a unique style in the booth, and relentlessly attacking the studio.An essential label for dance floor vibes, delivering time and time again with beats to make you moooove!
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Sought after Parisian dj & producer Young Pulse is dropping his first EP "Love Will Bring It", the result of his true dedication to the disco and the garage house.Renowned for his sound signature on reworks of disco/boogie tunes from the late 70's - early 80's, and his successful remixes of french pop legends like Veronique Sanson, Françoise Hardy, Sheila… it was just about time to release his own material ! The single "Love Will Bring It" is an original disco track involving the powerful South African singer Natalie Nova. "There's Never Been (No One Like You)" is a cover of the underground disco-boogie favorite, and the third track is a garage spin of the classic "Keep The Fire Burning" with the warm vocals of UK house singer Natasha Watts. "Love Will Bring It" is an uplifting EP, crafted for today's dancefloors. Produced with love, passion, admiration and respect for the beautiful era of dance music.
A Delicate degustation for the finer palette, Taste the Bass is the latest seasonal sound delicacy via your favourite dysfunktional deep throb duo Ambien Baby. Stepping up their songwriting skillz and staying true to their heady primal sophistication, Nap & D.Tiff indulge in vocal explorations laced throughout 4 tracks, cries of couplet writing and hints of daring duets lingering on the lips. The hypnotic electroclashed EBM is served with superior rhythmic complexity and sonic depth, as per usual, niche on the streets ~ screech in the sheets.A heartfelt ode to the synthesizer that first bound them together, passion, rage & a reminder to never-ever forget to groove; all four songs come prepped rave ready, mise en plus! Clean, mean inspired techno leaning freakouts that nail that midrange tempo, filled to the brim with that special ingredient no pretenders can purchase. A raw audio feast fit for the gods… although it took God 7 days to create the earth and Ambien Baby created this in 4.