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Various Artists
All Possible Futures EP

All Possible Futures EP
All Possible Futures EPAll Possible Futures EP




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Jul 4, 2022

All Possible Futures EP, EYA Records, EYA017, Various Artists, Vinyl Records, Chat Noir distribution, Chat Noir store,

EYA returns with a four-artist VA mining the outer reaches of trance and electro from 110–140bpm.

We lift off with a throbbing slow-burner from mid-90s Danish duo UFO, whose ‘Make It Light’ was previously only available on limited CD.

Things accelerate on ‘Out Of Touch’, the latest in a line of shimmering dancefloor missiles from Sohrab.

On the flip, DJ N4 falls fully into a trance on ‘Bio Aggregation’, with vocalizations, acid lines and organic percussion all driving us to warp speed.

‘Bad Weather’ by French electro wiz Fasme completes the trip, a craftily mutating electro-meets-prog epic whose beautiful outro will see you home safely. Enjoy the ride.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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UFO - Make It Light


Sohrab - Out Of Touch


DJ N4 - Bio Aggregation


Fasme - Bad Weather

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