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Emotive Response
Emotions '97

Emotions '97




1x Vinyl 12"



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Final part of the 'Emotions' trilogy. Emotive Response fulfills all expectations yet again. He delivers an EP that quite easily could have been made in the heydays of the Belgian Trance era. Center piece for this 4-tracker is the iconic Roland JP 8000 synth. His nice pounding bass and grand melodies are luring us outside again, offering a blast, inspired by the past. Hop on! First two EP's sold out in no time, so don't sleep on this one! Strictly vinyl!

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Darkest Times


Reflect On The Past


When Love Is Gone


Dying Sunset

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R.I.O. welcomes Pieter Kock aka DJ Peacock, one of the guiding souls behind the Berlin based bar/micro club O Tannenbaum. Musically active since 1986 as singer, guitarist, drummer and noisemaker, Peter already released a string of albums under different aliases like Billie and Ballie, The Hitmachine and Taladu. Since the early 1990s he narrates haunting sonic stories as a DJ, playing a vast palette of styles - from cosmic and leftfield techno to tape experiments, sound-art, wave, world, jazz, punk, industrial, and all that weird pop music. Last year saw him liberating his first solo recordings under his civil name as a cassette tape named “Flocks & Murders of Entitled Spirits”, dropped by the Berlin/Vilnius based label Musikii. It unreels twelve sensitive tunes, made with the help of online synths and drum computers, Youtube travel- and talk show-videos or samples from Youtube synths- and rhythm box-demonstration videos. Now he refined his idiosyncratic style of music crafting a bit deeper and shares “Facial Recognition” – a gently twisted album that unites hypnagogic pop, library dances, cosmic funk, leftfield grooves and experimental sonic zones under one roof. His seven found sound tunes are layering a rhizomatic veil of unidentifiable web sounds, all transmuted into hazy looped ambiances, that trigger unconscious brain activities with future samples from the past, woven rhythm structures and a simultaneity of moments, derived from myriad world wide web informations. When it’s true, that nothing can have value without being an object of utility, then Pieter Kock managed to give the internet a new rate while using its manyfold informations as a tool to create art. Art, whose originality isn’t defined by the creator’s playful virtuosity. Instead, his sensibility of deciphering unheard rhythms, harmonies, and melodies in an avalanche of prefabricated ideas is his mastery. Pieter Kock transformed them into unfamiliar compositions with a familiar touch, that can evoke the feeling of being synchronous in a world of the many. A data rain without drops, a stream of consciousness without cognizance. Come in, drop out.
The French crew La Boomerie is back with its second EP produced by Sunaas. Deep dive into its musical Spectrum, produced with Birkenstock on feet and cat on knees for dancefloor and sofa purposes.
Next up on Lonewolf is Bohm! This fresh collab will see the Dutch producer bringing two EPs “Leaving Earth Part.1 and 2” on EYA Records sister label this year. Intricate rhythms,bleeps and bass, emotive melodies and acid lines!!!The artist opens a portal to new dimensions, it’s a powerful journey into timeless music and deep space. 5,4,3,2,1..ignition and take off.The dream is alive.
For this second release, Yuko Records introduces Emi Ömar, member of Recordeep. He delivers three tracks with a homogeneous musical universe, symbolized by his synthesizer signature sound and 90's influences on the tracks "Trou Noir" and "Largo Winch" and an organ house touch on the last track "Découpe du Roi". Vinyl only.
Step Ball Chain continues to shake the system and flip the skritch with its third offering via MYKI’s follow up solo release “Delenya”. The undeniably intriguing Tel-Avivian Producer & DJ, also part of the Tofistock label family and member of Shen band, shares a consensual glimpse into his fevered brain over the course of a spellbinding week. Progressively exposing sensations rooted in paranoia and isolation of recent dystopian life, the EP is sonically metamorphosed into conscious expanding club explorations, percussively advanced and masterfly frenzied dance tools for the globe's memorable dance floors. With an additional likeminded remix from label-head Roza Terenzi, the 4 tracks embody a staunch riot signalling the optimistic restoration of movement and ferocity, highlighting the crucial role and release these sentiments provide.Establishing the overarching atmosphere, Vertigo opens with a humble vigor; the commanding clunk of bassline leading the way for the solid stride and dynamic rhythmical transit Myki specializes in. Strictly snapped snares in conversation with auxiliary percussion and textural vocal splinters, the personality and flair that continues evidently through the release, alongside the subtly encompassing arpeggiated swells circulating overhead and the dipping lurching distortions breeding below. Roza’s remix bumps the rush of the original, preserving the frisky spirit through a stripped spine of sultry throb; then creating space for experimental evolution of rhythmic and melodic concepts. Existential breaks skip through the middle of a structural swell and switch up in kick patterns later down the line for endless mixing potential.The temperature continues to rise on the B side as Myki ascends into 140+ club territory. Puma Snap snatching your ears instantly with rudely harsh distortion, abandoned abruptly for a quick & slick stripped back drum pattern, gently teasing in extra percussion and light pad timbre. The infectious rolling bass pokes in underneath, locking effortlessly in union to drive the levitating hypnotic flow; the magnetic power of strutting feet to the floor. Bleeding Tooth shadows this stamina for the conclusion; yet with a murky roughness seeping through severe shaded drums and growling low end. Brace yourself for curious revelations and structure ambushes, keeping the innovation gushing with a jarring guitar disruption and gnarled vocal mumblings to stimulate physical combustion.Here lies a new age era of perc heavy prog-dance-trance, a twisted and tweaked high energy evolution from historical roots, the kaleidoscoping euphoria and playful aural punishment that trickles through Step Ball Chain’s ethos.

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