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Various Artists
Sonic Pathways EP

Sonic Pathways EP
Sonic Pathways EPSonic Pathways EP




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Jul 27, 2022

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Traveling from dancefloor-geared groovers to space-ready euphoria, space•lab’s fifth EP lands with four otherworldly tracks. Kicking things off, we have the swirling atmospheres, trippy vocal samples, and broken grooves of Dylan Forbes’s ‘Resoblaster’. This is followed up by Mariiin’s ‘Restless Mind’, which journeys to the tonally darker reaches of classic prog-trance, with its spun-out synth melody and deep, driving bassline. Next up, Rambal Cochet, the artist behind space•lab’s fourth EP, makes a return with the spacious, hypnotic wormholer, ‘Mushroom Hill Zone’. Rounding things off, punchy kick drums combine with zero-gravity atmospheres for KAWAII SAN’s drifting-through-cyberspace groover, ‘Nuclear’.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dylan Forbes - Resoblaster


Mariiin - Restless Mind


Rambal Cochet - Mushroom Hill Zone


KAWAII SAN - Nuclear

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