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Various Artists
Raw Tools Vol 1.

Raw Tools Vol 1.
Raw Tools Vol 1.Raw Tools Vol 1.




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Mar 3, 2023



Raw Tools Vol 1., Outdom Records, OTD001, Various Artists, Electronic Music, Vinyl Records, KMA60 distribution, KMA60 store,

Raw Tools Vol 1, is a tribute to our musical roots : 90s House, Raw House and Garage. The first release of Outdom Records, a real club tool for DJs and music lovers seeking for wicked and sexy grooves, will be available on both vinyl and digital.

This record is a compilation of fours tracks navigating between classic 90s Chicago House, New York Garage, UK Garage and touches of Acid House. Aiming at a vintage aesthetic, this EP displays a stomper and deep groove associated with razor sharp stabs and dreamy, ravy atmosphere.

This influence can also be seen on the various cover made by Outdom's graphic designer, Liorzh. A reference to the old school artworks and colors of rave party flyers.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Shortcut - Raw Meat


Marc Cotterell - Is Love A Game


Latent - Watch My Attitude


Brooklyn Baby - Only You

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