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Días de D-D-D-D-Dope

 Días de D-D-D-D-Dope






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 24, 2023

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theBasement proudly presents DÍAS DE CAMPO RECORDS, the Montanejos’ boutique music festival 12” imprint. Valencia’ theBasement crew has created an enduring legacy, and the power of their impact is visceral in Spain. DDC Records is an opportunity to stablish the sound of the 6th edition of one of the best music festivals for vinylovers.

Días de D-D-D-D-Dope (DDC001) has the mark of the beast. OTIS, the berlin-based live performer and producer solo EP has been kicking around the best dancefloors and summer festivals. The music itself is beyond stereotype. A four track album featuring some of the artist genre choice: electro, breaks, house and progressive critically acclaimed hits including singles such as “Extra Dimension”, “E3rea”, “D-D-D-D Dope” and “Floxy”. But more than just some anthems, it is a freedom of thinking that extends beyond boxes.

Available in 23 days

Dec 28, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Extra Dimension







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Ukrainian producer and DJ Sider returns to the catalog with another ethno-techno filled four tracker!The release contains tracks that were written while traveling the world. Inspired by his favourite places- Indonesia and Sri Lanka, these tracks contain live field recordings from his travels beautifully blending techno, trance, drum & bass, amdient, electro and breaks!Halted by the travesty of war, traveling through sound has become more essential than ever. This beautiful EP represents the strong artistic culture of the many Ukrainians that are no longer able to travel physically around the world but continue to traverse soundscapes, continuing to dream and create.
We are delighted to present you a fresh EP from our French friend Gauvain. His tech- trance tracks with samples from old movies are bringing a mysterious dance vibe to any floor. Next to making dance music he is also known as JJ Boooth the man who can change wood into spectacular DJ booths..
Double Stars; often orbiting in tandem and gravitationally bound together, are usually mistaken as a singular light. An unmistakable parallel to the Space Cadets, Leeds trail blazers Lisene and Adam Pits join in magnetic union for Planet Euphorique’s big 1-5 to showcase their sole vision; superior prog synergy. Warp Drive gets flung into hyperdrive by your local enigma Rudolf C and the B side is a case of nuclear audio fission, splitting the duo so their individual and technical flair can shine. No doubt you’ve crossed paths with something hot on this disc in the encompassing party atmosphere; four straight up essentials for a function of chaos.The title track breaks in the EP with frisky righteous drums, precision in rhythm; swinging stylishly. Cosmos loom within reach, infinite rolling with baselines built for the long haul; an expertise in tension and release revealed through sonic sweeps and delicate filter explorations. A match made in heaven, Rudolf C has been gliding on similar trajectories; elevating the Warp Drive to a celestial level; the Psychedelic Envisionment accentuating the original's intricacies whilst maintaining the swagged flow and dancefloor steeze. Distorted pulsations and modulations swirl above head to signal the B side split show; driving bass anchoring the higher frequency expeditions, Lisene mastering the spectrum of sounds with Moral Panic and breaking up the 4/4 pursuit. Meanwhile Adam Pits closes things out with an ethereal highway drive; cruising, twinkling and boasting telescopic trance like skills.A perfectly balanced blend of modern, innovative and familiar, veteran status technological slick hits; you’re in good hands.
Evan Baggs provides the 5th Faith Beat. Analog, mechanical grooves from the mind of a singular space traveller. New York’s DJ Qu contributes a swinging, rhythm focused version of the title track – his first remix in over 10 years.
This is the first Vinyl only release of a new clothing brand from south of France called ‘Farci’. With solid tracks from talented producers and friends : Man/ipulate, Atree, Odeon, Yamen & EDA and Andres Remis.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the 3rd and last EP of the set highlighting the music of 1990's Norwegian electronic act Neural Network. Part 3 hones in on their unreleased album that was never formely named. The band and those in the industry who heard it felt it was their best music yet. There were label suitors for this album including a top tier Belgian label but sadly things did not work out as that label folded. And this project was left on DAT's.Of the 9 tracks we chose, there were 4 we felt would most fit the vinyl medium and the theme of the first 2 EP's. These fit in with music like B12, Stasis and As One for some lofty comparisons and we think it fit's perfectly in that esteem company. The Detroit-esque beautifully somber 'Lambent' sounds almost 'Tedra' like from Kenny Larkin. 'Jetstream' is pure melodic robotic funk from the future. The side B track 'Floatation' coming in at just over 18 minutes and is a prime example of the sci-fi music they so wonderfully produced. This 3 record series is a great example of re:discovery records' mission to present the past for the future. All feature amazing artwork from UK's Grid Pattern complete with insert that features info on the music and their history. Bring back the Chill Out Rooms!