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Various Artists
Purveyors Of The Hypnotic Groove

Purveyors Of The Hypnotic Groove
Purveyors Of The Hypnotic GroovePurveyors Of The Hypnotic Groove




1x Vinyl 12"



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The Sound of Limo long-player is back featuring 12 cuts across three vinyls from Sweely, tINI, Gene, and a cast of players ranging from seasoned veterans to innovative newcomers. Don't hold your horses - get these nugs in your bag

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Jhobei - Slippery Nip


Dolly - Black Sugar Fresh Milk


Sweely - Gedup (And Move Your Butt)


Velvet Velour - Breeze


Gene On Earth - Piranha Club


Garrett David - All Night (Opulence)


tINI - So Hig


Will & Batty - The Goose


Rancel - Futuristic Flair


Duowe & Picasso - Spill The Tea


Huerta - Freak Emotion (Steve’s Limo #2)


Darren Roach - I'm A Visitor

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Another big release on SOUNDS. in the rebound.This time it's Modal - Carnivalesque (2x12") by Woody Mcbride and Dave Stevens from 1997.Don't sleep on this official re-mastered re-issue!
Sweat Ur Prayers, the next wavy addition to Radiant Love’s catalogue, is the first solo-EP of Byron Yeates. In their messaging, their timbres and grooves, the 4 tracks speak faithfully to Yeates’ inclinations as a DJ and label-head: the playfulness and buoyancy, a constant nod to the roots of rave, and a faith in dance music’s transformative power.Opening the release is the title track, a bubbling and breakbeat-laden 8 minutes. Mantric repetition is a running theme throughout the EP, and we hear “Raindrops falling all around, freeing me from other sounds; trickling down my weary eyes, bringing me back, I’m ready to fly” as an opening salvo. Yeates’ is known for his vast, enduring DJ sets, inducing sheens of sweat from all involved – with these tracks, it’s clear he’s unafraid to take his time to build tension as a producer as well. The percussive conversation between hi-hat and snare complexifies until a clap enters near the 2 minute mark and suddenly we’re in the main, driving groove.“Waves” is a dial-back to downtempo, floatation and introspection. The dancer and writer Gabrielle Roth is sampled, speaking on her 5 Rhythms movement meditation technique – the term “sweat your prayers” comes from her texts on ecstatic physicality. The track shimmers and sways in bright pads and delayed-out drum breaks, setting the reflective tone for “Dreaming is Essential”, co-produced by Eoin DJ. Opening with Radiant Love co-founder Ruin, her candid vocals are perfectly aligned for the dancefloor’s vulnerability: “What am I avoiding? I wish I could hold myself, like the dance holds me.” The track unfolds through layers of percussion and shadowy texture, taking a pivot to optimism halfway through, as a warm synth-line accompanies Ruin’s repetition: “Dreaming is essential.”Lawrence Lee’s remix of “Sweat Ur Prayers” adapts the bounce of the original’s bassline to a classic, stabby rave synth. Again there is a percussive focus, but force and warmth are foregrounded, rather than polyrhythm – a shot, rather than a spritz. We hear again the opening mantra, and although “I’m ready to fly” may seem in opposition to Ruin’s “Let the dance hold me”, Sweat Ur Prayers seems to say they are one in the same movement.
Following the direction of previous Dahlia records DAHLIA993 contains three tracks for some very unique dance floor moments. Emotive pads and melodies mixed with hypnotic acid lines and dynamic compositions make up this stunning three track EP. Signature cosmic and groovy S.A.M. sounds on A1 and B1 cuts, while B2 ‘Hibernation’ shows a restrained minimal and slightly conceptual spacious energy with a beautiful string outro. Let yourself get carried away
Bleep's, Break's + Art is a new series from Under The Radar and run together by label owner JDSK and artist Dawl. As the name suggest's this series it is all about Bleep's, Break's and Art. It features 4 Tracks on each release and carrying all the Dawl trademarks of dance floor bombs! Each bash comes in releases of 3 and with a unique graffiti artist for each release. For the first bash we have a girl from the south of Sweden in Malmo that goes under the name Bird that started out in the mid 90's doing some Artwork paintings for Harthouse etc. Limited copies..