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Antoine Kiim
Land Down Under EP

Land Down Under EP
Land Down Under EPLand Down Under EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 26, 2024

Land Down Under EP, Antoine Kiim, Mise En Place, MEP001, Electronic Music, Vinyl Records, KMA60 distribution, KMA60 store,

It’s approximately been a year since Antoine lost what would have been his debut album, ironically dubbed ‘Humour. Positivity & Affection’. In its wake, stemmed the idea for the producer to reform his conceptually based project (Mise En Place) into a vinyl only label.

The Land Down Dunder EP being the first, of hopefully, many releases throughout this new imprint. The label head feels there is no better way to start this campaign, than with a body of work, entirely inspired by the modern, timeless TV Sitcom - The Office (US).

Available in 2 months

Mar 29, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Australian Reds


Colombian Whites


Cafe Disco (AK’s Rare Groove Dub)


Threat Level Midnight

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