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Various Artists
Powerpuff Trax - Ten

Powerpuff Trax - Ten
Powerpuff Trax - TenPowerpuff Trax - Ten




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 12, 2024

Powerpuff Trax - Ten, Powerpuff Trax, PUFF010, Electronic Music, Vinyl Records, KMA60 distribution, KMA60 store,

A 5-track VA 12-inch record, featuring music from Olsvangèr, MYKI, Mo.huv, Tingz, Asphalt DJ and Gzardin.
“Ten” expands the label’s rave-dance nostalgic approach to wider realms of ecstatic electronic soundscapes.

A1 features Olsvangèr with a galloping-yet deep and groove-heavy house gem, followed by Asphalt DJ & Gzardin on A2 with a pure ravey belter!

A3 Belongs to MYKI with a deep and hypnotic house cut.
B1 Is by Tingz & Mo.huv, a dirty galloping breaky track, bass-heavy, with some ghetto vocals and distorted darbukas.
B2 by DJ Headshot on a downtempo after hours trippy twist.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Olsvangèr - Septum Heelrz


Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Floating Gutters


MYKI - Hikikamuri


Tingz X Mo.huv - One for Nilus


DJ Headshot - Werkhard

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