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Tommy Vicari jnr
Germination EP

Germination EP
Germination EPGermination EP




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Feb 23, 2024

Germination EP, Tommy Vicari JNR, Portal Records, PRECS002, Electronic Music, KMA60 distribution, KMA60 store,

After their stellar debut release by KOS, Portal Records serve up their next surestrike with help from house vibemaster Tommy Vicari Jnr. More Timeless grooves from your favourite dormant record label.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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This records produced by Leo Mas & Sergio Portaluri takes us back to the Italian golden era of the early 90's house, a must in all the DJ sets of the best undergound clubs, finally. Originally released by Informal Records in 1993 this remastered edition on White Satellite includes an unreleased edit track not present on the original vinyl.
»Infuso Giallo aka Philipp Carbotta originally hails from rural Western Germany, first cut his teeth in the music scene of nearby Cologne and conducts a host of activities in Berlin for a couple of years now – co-running the label Kame House, designing graphics and producing and playing leftfield electronic music. His debut LP Ocular Soda presents an intersection of these activities – self-released, self-designed and of course self-produced. Even before the first synth chords and reverse atmospheres of the two-part opener 'Every Waking Hour' tickle the ear, it is the eye that is drawn to the bright, cut-out style cover art – itself made up of two eyes on the front and what seem to be their rough shapes or discarded counterparts on the back.To stay within that metaphor, Infuso Giallo's music is indeed of a reflective and calm nature, taking cues from Berlin School, library and New Age musics from roughly the 1970s to the 1990s – steadily repeating and slowly evolving ostinatos, lush digital pads, quirky filtered toplines and electronic percussion that mostly eschews four-four monotony in favor of much more subtle syncopations. Balearic bomb 'The Big Rip' with its big drums and acid bass turns the energy level up a notch while retaining the somnambulistic, lingering quality that makes Ocular Soda such a coherent listening experience – music on the sheath of waking and dreaming, both worlds and their inherent logics freely bleeding into each other. There are moments of great expanse, such as in 'Mole Gaze' – I couldn't help but see myself hovering somewhere in mid-air while the music unfolds as if on a great deserted plane below me. Maybe this is what it sounds like once the mole leaves his tunnels and takes in the sound of the world overground. 'Hello World', indeed, in its multitude of information to eye and ear, in its gently overwhelming quality. The title track 'Ocular Soda' closes the proceedings with a whimsical nod to 1970s botany-centered library music, its brooding chord sequence and sweet lead lines gradually fading in the distance. A fitting ending to an impressive LP of highly evocative, at times sombre and at times blissfully naive pieces that leave me yearning for more.«Written, recorded & produced by Infuso Giallo in 2020 & 2021 in Berlin. Mixed by Philipp Janzen & Sebastian Blume at Dumbo Studios, Cologne. Mastered by Sam Irl in Vienna. Design by Infuso Giallo.
Salomo & Reece Walker start their new sublabel from R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings with a collaborative EP of house groovers and freedom vibes.
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