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Stonem Z@P
Split #1

Split #1
Split #1Split #1




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Overthink Records is back this time with a split EP from the very talented artists Z@p & Stonem. A 4 tracker EP of techno & house with a touch of acid that you can note the particular sound of this artists.

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Jan 12, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Z@P - For Noiah


Z@P - Mind Manifesto


Stonem - Cartografias


Stonem - Asociacion Libre

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Lucky (for some) release number thirteen on our Rezpektiva label sees us re-visit The Necromorph's Blaise Records release originally from 1995. Featuring 2 previously released tracks on 'The Hunchback' EP and 2 unreleased tracks from the same period it's a unique 4 tracker that spans from techno to acid to house and the little bits in-between.
After being marooned in a small beach town in Brazil at the start of the pandemic, California-born Gene On Earth eventually made it home to Berlin. As the reality of the global situation sunk in, he set to work on his second album, working in an obsessive daily rhythm. After gathering an arsenal of samples and inspiration he returned to the studio for 5 months of feverish work. Set for release on June 3rd via his own imprint Limousine Dream, ‘Time on The Vine’ is a slick record delivered with the laid-back warmth of a producer at the top of his game. Breezy yet assured, its wonky minimal rhythms are as feel good as they are fun, a perfect antidote to the long and waning pandemic that birthed them.
Big Zen makes his entrance on Mood Hut records with Prayer Bass, a freely focused collection of euphoric funk-splashed club-cuts from the much-loved Vancouver underground legend. Those who have seen him play at free parties in the park or at the many under-cover basements of Vancouver City will already know what Prayer Bass is all about.After many sessions and years of friendship both on and off the dance floor we are pleased to finally work with Big Zen. Following up his recently self-released 'Mirror Cut' 12" here Big Zen continues to swim out into the technicolour deep: Prayer bass is purple, Sugar Coated is frosty cream, Cash Splash is lightning blue, Rumble Ball is tangerine.
Mana Abundance stands for the expansion of the mind and the amplification of perception through the ear and the eye, for experiencing those tempting delights hidden in the grooves and crevices between space and time.MANA001 by Tadan embarks on a mystical journey of psychedelic and healing trance with an ancient twist, crafted in reverence to the goddess Hathor and the protector deity Bes. Hathor, a sky deity who represented music, dance, joy, love, sexuality, and maternal care in her benevolence, was a skilled traveler between worlds, known for accompanying souls into the afterlife. Bes, meanwhile, was famed for his prowess in watching after children, killing snakes, and aiding women in labour by fighting off evil spirits.Legend has it that an ancient portal to the realm of long-forgotten gods and spirits shall be opened upon the day that this record is played.
For this release we decided to go back to the golden era of house, where we found an old misterious producer called Zeno Pisu.You might know him from his obscure EP called “Electric Voyage” made in 1995, but we decided to dig a bit deeper then that.The track A1 “Waiting For A Train (Crystal Edge) is a reissue from the Train Driver record made by Zeno in 1996, a super weapon that we have been playing for some time now, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see this remastered specially for our label.We also went through old cassete tapes and some lost files to find the tracks A2, B1 and B2, which are some of Zeno’s unreleased productions made in the 90s, that are now finally seeing the light.