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Various Artists
Various Vol. 1

Various Vol. 1




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 26, 2024



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Everybody Trance is more than proud to crash onto labels bubble, with the first episode: Various Vol. 1., illustrating our bash vision with a frenetic and hypnotic grooves tour. Dense, knotty and intoxicating tracks, overflowing with finesse, display all over this EP, including Maelita & Kick 21, Botwin, Gogo Gadgeto, Subsism and Ekzander, mastered by Alden Tyrell and designed by Jimmy Premier.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Maelita & Kick 21 - Calimucho


Botwin - Dojo Experiment


Gogo Gadgeto - Slow Down!


Subsism - Froggy Dumb



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«I am the bridge between the day and the night that never ends, I am the acid drop that beads on your dancing body, I am the metallic breakthrough that crosses your being when I catch your wet hands, I am the brutal wave that grazes your dark gaze and your tired eyes, I am the titanium and the cyprin, I am the adrenaline, I am that being that invents, desires and revolts, I am that jolt of desire that tears me when it is dark, I am a psychoactive substance diluted in honey, I am the back that you caress, I am our first and last dance, I am the one who seduces you, I am the one who obsesses you, I am the solitary dance that bewitched me the first time we met, I am the cry muffled by our restless bodies, I am the movement that pierces and unfolds as if it were the last. I am solid and liquid, mechanical and organic, I am your first and last time, I am Baraka.»French duo Baraka present their first eponymous EP.Dive into their cathartic universe in which they celebrate their love for club culture using powerful TR8s, incisive break beats, synthetic layers inspired by trance and trip-hop as well as cavernous female voices.This alliance of electronic music, 90’ aesthetics and dreamy undulations intertwine like the yin and yang and promise a mystical universe with futuristic imagery.
Following a groundbreaking cassette-only release on electro label du jour Casa Voyager, Montreal-based producer Simial releases his first full vinyl EP on Gated.This is raw braindance unlike anything else from an exciting new talent you’ll be hearing more from in the future.Over six tracks, Simial takes us into unexplored and highly personal territory, with music that drops and kicks, stutters and starts in unexpected and melodic ways.Watch out for the little surprise vocal hidden in B3.
Back with his second release on DEMO TEST, Roy Vision explores the different layers of an original, raw and multidisciplinary house music.“4” represents 4 variation styles that the producer fell for many years ago. The selected tracks were produced between 2017 and 2019, with dance in his sight, as demonstrated by the success of the track “La Danse Groove” in the eyes of House Dance lovers."Nina’s Talk" give off strong and mastered rhythmics; the energy of the tracks sends us directly to New Jersey of the 90’s. “Feelings” stays geographically close since it crawls in underground New York, where jazz and house music met. “LL Tribute” is a spiritual connection between Chicago and NYC. It’s a hidden tribute to one of the main characters of the underground New York scene, between The Loft and Paradise Garage, where all social and cultural background were blending, dreaming of a passionate freedom.
Following the success of their first release, Amanita Gems is back with another four track sizzler featuring the ever-growing, Ukrainian talent - Victor.B!Roll your sleeves and grab your kicks ‘cause this one is directly inspired by urban grooves and back alley bass-lines with a guarantee to pack a punch and deliver high caliber hip movements on the dance floor.Victor.B is an emerging name from the Ukrainian electronic music scene. His prominence grew locally by dispensing a range of styles that were seamlessly stitched into a gnarly live set - showcasing his vivid taste and ability to possess the room during performances.
Garage Hermétique bids farewell to the music studio where many seeds were planted between 2016 and 2020, including Onirik's solo projects and collaborations. Hidden under the Schlesicher Tor underground station, it was a chaotic but special place. This release contains a number of tracks recorded at the beloved location, with different aesthetics, seeking a balance between positive and mysterious vibes. On A1 and B1 we find two tracks from the collaborative project Oni-KI. On A2 we find a west coast infused joint recorded with jazz pianist (and ex-Flatmate) Uri Gincel. The ep is rounded off on B2 with a solo production by Onirik, aimed at potential mind relaxation. Good Bye Schlesi.