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Various Artists
Funderground EP

Funderground EP
Funderground EPFunderground EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Enter rebellious sonic wonders. Natural Goofy's Planka Records label is finally here.

Available in 7 days

Feb 29, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Moray - Lujuria Universal


Natural Goofy - You Are Alone


Len Lewis - The Emperor Strikes Back


Will Vickers - Arf Tone

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JiveTalk - Still Guv’nin EP (inc. Voigtmann and Thoma Bulwer Remixes).Fresh off the back of their release of the Ghost’s label (Ghost Rec) Jive Talk deliver a naughty bassline driven A-side “Still Guvn’in’” and deeper garage flex on the B-side. Voigtmann’s remix is probably the house-iest or Claus-iest we’ve heard from the top draw selector and producer. It’s a hands up in the air ‘Classique’ sounding remix for “any-time of the night track”, to quote Enzo.
The third in a series of self-released Liquid Earth Physical Records, “Three Dimensional Rocker” is a sonic cheese plate for the dedicated dancer. The 12” navigates through four robust club tunes, surely an expected outcome from the seasoned Californian producer. From Aside titles’ full throttle funkery to the equally nauseating floor fillers on the flip, LEP003 is one big kahuna.
A basement, West London, 1994. An unknown artist surrounded by machines. The sun peeking through thecurtain - a reminder that at some point, you really need to go to bed. But not yet, there’s still tunes to be made.The mysterious and highly sought after Sun-D EP gets a well deserved reissue on AGT Records. Withshades of early progressive house, trance and bleep, this record is ready for the sunrise moments we’vebeen waiting a long, long time for.
Marie Montexier, head of Paryìa Records, releases the label’s first EP by German-Turkish artist a.b.u.3.0.3. Creating a range of slow and fast rhythms while mixing different genres from experimental structures to floor fillers, Paryìa I doesn’t only highlight a personal and intimate side of a.b.u.3.0.3.’s work but also Marie’s sense for crossing genre boundaries.Influenced by his father’s culture, a.b.u.3.0.3 blends elements of traditional Anatolian folk with electronic music that shaped his youth. He combines bass-heavy techno rhythms with deep acid patterns, letting his arrangements oscillate between nostalgic moods and contemporary sounds.