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Lloyd Stellar
Esoteric Enterprise

 Esoteric Enterprise




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 23, 2021

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Esoteric Enterprise


The Future Is Not What It Used To Be


Echoes From Another World


Raum & Zeit


Servants Of The Future


Stranger In A Strange Land

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For this second release, Yuko Records introduces Emi Ömar, member of Recordeep. He delivers three tracks with a homogeneous musical universe, symbolized by his synthesizer signature sound and 90's influences on the tracks "Trou Noir" and "Largo Winch" and an organ house touch on the last track "Découpe du Roi". Vinyl only.
Parisian label DXL Records signs a new exciting release in collaboration with Pressure Point, rising star of the italian scene. He delivers three elegant dancefloor weapons. Showing his ease to navigate between energic house and delicate techno with some mystical minimal touches, he shows a part of his complex yet fascinating musical universe. The release is completed by a Spacetravel remix in which the wizard makes a deep invitation to get lost in trippy modular sounds.
During the global pandemic we spent all of our time at home exploring the swiss electronic musical scene. Diving deep down in the realm of the cloud of sounds, navigating through musical genres when we stumbled upon one unique type of sound. Sharp and raw drums, fast energetic grooves and quirky ambiances are what the young Swiss producer Quinzy is all about on Side A, delivering two party-oriented cuts that will burn through the dancefloor without hassle. On the B Side the man showcases the versatility of his production skills, creating two deeper yet carefully crafted tracks that bring to light his unique blend of house influences with touches of eccentricity that makes his signature sound.
Nicolas Estany is known for his silken synth productions and lurid live shows under his moniker Visonia. Born in the shadows, this mini-album presents a new sound by the Chilean.Bruised beats, crushed compositions and lacerated lyrics are the new terrain explored, percussion melting with voice in the morphing “The Brain Plays With Me” and shapeshifting “Don’t Trust In The First Whispers". Drums are bolstered across the sextet, rain and rust clinging to brutalised “Who Will Enter First” before rage and warmth melt in “Aphasia.” Yet, in spite of these darker machinations, that unmistakable balance of Visonia is present; it dawns in the title piece with its woebegone words, before resurfacing in the furtive liquid electronics of “Melted Doubts.”

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