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One Time




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 1, 2022

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Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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One Time


Just Me


Something Nu

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Following a groundbreaking cassette-only release on electro label du jour Casa Voyager, Montreal-based producer Simial releases his first full vinyl EP on Gated.This is raw braindance unlike anything else from an exciting new talent you’ll be hearing more from in the future.Over six tracks, Simial takes us into unexplored and highly personal territory, with music that drops and kicks, stutters and starts in unexpected and melodic ways.Watch out for the little surprise vocal hidden in B3.
B FROM E on BSP Bispebjerg.Main Phase on Remix duty.This one is for the ravers.
R.I.O. welcomes Pieter Kock aka DJ Peacock, one of the guiding souls behind the Berlin based bar/micro club O Tannenbaum. Musically active since 1986 as singer, guitarist, drummer and noisemaker, Peter already released a string of albums under different aliases like Billie and Ballie, The Hitmachine and Taladu. Since the early 1990s he narrates haunting sonic stories as a DJ, playing a vast palette of styles - from cosmic and leftfield techno to tape experiments, sound-art, wave, world, jazz, punk, industrial, and all that weird pop music. Last year saw him liberating his first solo recordings under his civil name as a cassette tape named “Flocks & Murders of Entitled Spirits”, dropped by the Berlin/Vilnius based label Musikii. It unreels twelve sensitive tunes, made with the help of online synths and drum computers, Youtube travel- and talk show-videos or samples from Youtube synths- and rhythm box-demonstration videos. Now he refined his idiosyncratic style of music crafting a bit deeper and shares “Facial Recognition” – a gently twisted album that unites hypnagogic pop, library dances, cosmic funk, leftfield grooves and experimental sonic zones under one roof. His seven found sound tunes are layering a rhizomatic veil of unidentifiable web sounds, all transmuted into hazy looped ambiances, that trigger unconscious brain activities with future samples from the past, woven rhythm structures and a simultaneity of moments, derived from myriad world wide web informations. When it’s true, that nothing can have value without being an object of utility, then Pieter Kock managed to give the internet a new rate while using its manyfold informations as a tool to create art. Art, whose originality isn’t defined by the creator’s playful virtuosity. Instead, his sensibility of deciphering unheard rhythms, harmonies, and melodies in an avalanche of prefabricated ideas is his mastery. Pieter Kock transformed them into unfamiliar compositions with a familiar touch, that can evoke the feeling of being synchronous in a world of the many. A data rain without drops, a stream of consciousness without cognizance. Come in, drop out.
RED is a project by Francis Latreille aka Priori. It showcases a darker, more chaotic, and rugged sound. Whereas a lot of Piori's work investigates the delicate and elegant aspects of nature and technology, this album delves into the eeriness of it all, the loneliness of rural living, and the appeal of mysticism. Strange sounds and textures are arranged in unpredictable but sometimes surprisingly dancey moments.
From da Split III, is composed of House, minimal and downtempo tracks. An EP of 3 tracks / side, with Noiro & Alyhas on A side and JL. on B side. The idea of these mini EP is to "increase" the music through the genres and the bpm in order to make the public travel in the universe of the artists.
The third release is a split Ep born from the meeting between Emi Omar and Sucre Sucre in the nights of Nantes, connecting their souls with similar bass faces and head moves, recognizing themselves in the same groove. Emi Omar takes over the A side, delivering two bangers with his singular sonorities. The first one is driven by a solid bassline, accompanied with a smooth vocoder melted in the drums. The track is split in two by a beautiful switch to finally take a more electronica vibe. The second one is a very heady progressive tune created as a potion recipe where elements appears as it goes along.Then, Sans Sucre brings a bright B side with different tracks. The first one is based on a fatty acid line, with ravy elements, spiced by analogue chords to raise it up. The second one, more melancholic, has an electro wave nature, punctuated by vocoder and radical changes. Feel free to use them anytime. Please do it, at home, at school and mostly; in the club !