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2x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jan 1, 2023

Forest Ill Records is proud to present Nemo Vachez’s debut album, featuring 12 tracks that encapsulate his wide range of influences, from space house to dark synth-pop, as well as hip-hop and breakbeat. Get ready for an incredible musical journey!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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**** you....Space Cowboy


A2. Stella Jack




Forest Ill Records[


See You In The Dark


Look At You


Hey DJ (Radio Mix)


Midnight Call


Pygmee Rock






Sweet Curfew

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Dance Floor Rituals kick things off strong with the first release on the label by a producer that will be nostrang. DJ and producer, Jorge Gamarra, has been crafting his skills for the best part of a decade. You can quicklynotice his dedication to interesting sounds and strong baselines whilst listening to DFR’s first release. 4tracks tailored for dark dance floors and long after hours. Emotional tracks with spiritual feeling and builtintuition. The perfect music and artist to kick things off for this new to people in the know.
Broken District presents Jus Jam “90s Anxiety”, the first mini LP from the label co-founder, offering a deep dive into his hazy musical world inspired by the nineties aesthetic. A true journey, ranging from UK garage to dreamy hip-hop beats, early-electro sounds and new-jack swing. After signing a few tracks as part of the imprint’s VA series, it was only a matter of time for Jus Jam to release his first mini LP on Broken District!
Benoit B aka Terra Utopia breaks out into another auspicious alias for Step Ball Chain, Blu:sh - metamorphosed; coming in hot and heavy, sexy and sophisticated. Bass down, *ss up! The ambitious 6 tracker “Lovebite” fuses forms of dance; reworking elements from niche corners of the Step stratosphere that can result in freaky combustion. Breathing life and lust into every phrase, we are fortunate to be offered an intimate glimpse into a complex world of sound, filled with bold and brash inspired statements, rhythmically rolling the dice with snap lock precision. The cherry on top is served via a vocal collusion from fellow associate noff, the web expanding as the label delves deeper into futuristic tech territory, the prolific producer pushing their own boundaries and desires for new meticulous audio spectrum and ethereal realms.The trio of flirtatious tracks laid bare on the A side read as a love letter to 4/4 naughty nocturnal testimonies. Opening auspiciously; Tighten Up dips into nasty grit, a sub centered excursion into the technological domain, sleazy and stripped back with modest tenacity. Candy Land sugarcoats the status quo of pumped up prog, playfully in the driver's seat and revving 100 miles per hour toward Hush highway; narrated by Greek cyber enigma noff.. An atmospheric deep trance kissed club chant. Opposites attract and find points of connection on the flip of Lovebite, the B side boasting a mutually slick sharpness permeating the record; blending sparse bass focused broken beat expeditions with liquid dnb; genially abstract mood boards of sampling mayhem; cut and spliced in addictive fashion. Flushes of gorgeous esoteric harmonic soundscapes fill out the rhythmical chaos, grounding and expanding the mind through a lush & plush tint woven in Recess and Heaven Spot alike.A perfect prophecy destined for Step Ball Chain, Blu:sh’s first, yet expertly curated EP sets the bar high as hell. Divine dance music that can’t help but push boundaries; confronting and challenging our archival references and perceptions of genres and classifications, arguably the best kind of auditory statement.
Busting into the Step Ball Chain domain is Naarm prodigy Mabel, who has already been making tectonic waves amongst the underbelly of clubland. Her signature psychedelic bratty-bass can be heard infiltrating doofs, raves and parties at feverish rates as everyone wants a taste of her slick, salacious sonics; Pleasure Phonetix generously offers five cuts for every spectrum of dance freak. Spanning tweaked out techno, stripped back electro flirtations and driving sophisticated psy-prog, Mabel never forgets to sprinkle a little vocal heat when it’s due - brace yourself for a rambunctious release.
Sider is back on the day by day series with this 4 tracker featuring an upbeat A side mixing breaks & techno and a psychedelic and tribally filled B side!