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We Be Echo
Beat Of The Drum

Beat Of The Drum
Beat Of The DrumBeat Of The DrumBeat Of The DrumBeat Of The Drum






1x Vinyl 12" Album



Release date

Sep 18, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Again & Again




All I See


Werkout 23


Beat Of The Drum


Werkout 25

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Lucky Number 13 up for our fav Melliflow ladies this time they let us into the 'Mad Galaxy' of Epiphany (aka Damian Schwartz) & DJ F (Djf Ideograma).
Solenoid is back with SLN019, this time Label owner Erta Ale shares the sides with the welcomed Italian duo we.ampsConnection, vibrations and affinity - all aspects that bring together a remarkable release between the two producers.'Suck my/ Oblivious' is the perfect example of the meaning of connection and keeping true to one's own “style”.'Drummy ya' is the essence of being eclectic and simultaneously dance floor oriented. A stormy chord combined with a twisty acid melody that clashes on the unexpected vocal break, moving onto the second part of the track where a stormy loop becomes raw and gritty yet arranged in an intentional and accurate manner. 'Suck my' is fast and "break" with a 4/4 beat making the arrangement experienced, at the same time , the electro baseline with the deep male vocal, throws the listener into its vortex of sound. Side B showcases Erta's experimental breakbeat track “Oblivious” , perfect for a sophisticated dance floor or a radio podcast. The last track “Odyssey” is one of the most intimate and hypnotic tracks by the record label owner. An atmospheric and even sentimental track which was created during his last South African tour.
The French crew La Boomerie is back with its second EP produced by Sunaas. Deep dive into its musical Spectrum, produced with Birkenstock on feet and cat on knees for dancefloor and sofa purposes.
Relentless and elusive french producer NairLess reveals his first solo EP released on the first vinyl of the label he co-founded, Aurore 404.Two breakbeat-y groovers, a cosmic, fast-paced remix by Sichuan, and a slice of acido-disco to finish it off.. Looks like this piece of wax is ready to spin on your turntables!
After recent resurrection from the early 90s on labels Mirror Zone, Animals on Psychedelics and Klasse Wrecks, Memphis returns with the Essences EP brought to you from timezones past and present.Staring at the eye peering from the centre of Side A you’ll find yourself aboard an Obsidian Submarine roaming through an alien world’s vast oceans battered by clanking synths, drenched by foaming acid and awash in tense pads.Coming ashore the buzzing tribal rhythms and floating ambience of Essences provide an immersive hyper-real landscape to consider the fundamentals of where we’ve been and what we’ve seen.Moving over to Side B, where the eye seems to have melted into a distant nebula, On Stranger Tides conjures a liana-covered lost temple built from ancient rock kickdrums and bone-dry hihats permeated with stuttering chants and a plaintive call into the night.Finally we head back to 1994 to rediscover an old prog house gem dug up from the Beneath a Different Sun EP, omitted due to time constraints from the Mirror Zone 2018 re-release, and now given a chance to breathe again.Thanks to Jeremy Hegge for his beautiful field recordings and Snoozy of Rat Face Records for all his sonic guidance.
Pretty Sneaky indeed!

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