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Splitter EP

Splitter EP
Splitter EPSplitter EPSplitter EP






1x Vinyl 12" Splatter colored Vinyl



Release date

Apr 15, 2022

Vitess STRCTR Chat Noir Djoko Janeret Splatter Vinyl

Lacking no celerity in its approach to dancefloor traction, the second incursion on STRCTR from Paris-based rising talent Vitess is primed to slap a smile on the face of 90s breaks, electroid techno dashers and pumped-up trance lovers. Following up to releases on Happiness Therapy, Pulse Msc and Chat Noir Tools, Vitess is bound to break the sound barrier with “Splitter” - a no-frills four-tracker featuring two originals + two remixes designed to bulldoze its way onto upper spheres of consciousness with absolute panache and determination.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Highway (DJOKO Remix)


Tunnel Phase


Tunnel Phase (Janeret Remix)

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