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Sep 16, 2022

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020 was supposed to be a year of joy in Malka Tuti, celebrating and commemorating 5 years of our existence.

After several celebratory dates and many plans were postponed due to coco-19 and its collateral damage, we have understood that the universe is trying to tell us something, and we’ve read it as SLOW DOWN!

After months of contemplation and excessive thoughts, we have come to the inevitable conclusion that 7 is simply a better number then 5. Therefore we are now celebrating 7 years of existence. 

To share our festive mood, we are releasing a 2XLP compilation filled with goodies supplied by our close friends, and their friends. 

For us, the Sheva (Seven in Hebrew) compilation represents a large chunk ofthe sonic spectrum that is the Malka Tuti multiverse to date. Whether its Red Axes’s dance floor punk, the tribal minimalistic psychedelia of Decha, the endless soundscapes of Vactrol Park, or the post-pop attitude of Xen and Shari Vari, one can hopefully notice that gentle thread weaving it
all together. That thread is Malka Tuti. 

On the compilation you can find many unreleased remixes to tracks we’ve released on the label, from amazing artists such as Nicola Cruz, Phew, Khidja & Manfredas. Each Remix gives new life to our back catalogue’s feel. 
 In addition, Xen is also back on Malka Tuti with 2 new songs, Blue & Cats in collaboration with brother Yovav. Both songs were recorded in the winter of 2017 In Uhrwald Orange studios outside Düsseldorf, with comrade Sebastian Lee Philipp (of Die Wilde Jagd fame) on the mixing decks and engineering hat.

In addition to his collaboration with Xen, You can find Yovav In ace form here, contributing a mid tempo discoish banger like only he knows how.. Even more fun comes from Vactrol Park, our dear modular brothers, showing off their deeper than deep sonic aesthetics and minimalistic groovy rhythms on Seemingly Strange. We are also thrilled to welcome a dear friend Benedikt Frey to the family. Expect some banging stuff from him in the future on MT.

Last but definitely not least, Lithuanian superhero Manfredas is responsible for one of our favourite secret weapons of the last couple of years, an alternative remix to Shari Vari’s Dance Alone, never released before. This Remix is a trippy pop excursion to the sunnier side of things.

All tracks on the compilation were meticulously chosen throughout the past few years and slowly stitched together to comprise what is now SHEVA.

Available in 11 days

Oct 7, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Red Axes - Take It Away


Plazmot & Xen - Sakana (Khidja Dub)


Decha - Chebechu (Phew Remix)


Decha - Chebechu (Nicola Cruz Remix)


Benedikt Frey - Elevator


Vactrol Parl - Seemingly Strange


Shari Vari - Dance Alone (Manfredas Remix)


Xen & Yovav - Blue


Yovav - Short.


Plazmot & Xen - Sakana (Khidja’s Indo Remix)


Decha - R0_2f


Xen & Yovav - Cats

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