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Brad Peterson
Late Night Journeys

Late Night Journeys
Late Night Journeys Late Night Journeys




2x Vinyl 12" LP



Release date

Sep 16, 2022

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Brad P, Producer from UK/US, delivers a nice selection of Deep Techno and Future Jazz on the swiss label Moto Music. Besides DJing and producing Techno Music he also runs the label Inner Shift Music and Common Dreams together with Rai Scott.

Available in 11 days

Oct 7, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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For Other Worlds And Travellers




Time Flow


Untitled Flying


A Track I Dreamed


Swing and Response


Spacetime Odyssey


4am Solitude

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A « virage » is a curve more or less dangerous depending on the way you negotiate it! The 2020 virage, I took it while trying to shelve 40 years of musical culture and productive muddle, so as to compose these two tracks - and their extended version designed for club’s powerful speakers - in the most simple way.In the "LVSP001" Vinyl, you can find House-Music (Regular, Mainstyle) & Acid for it's Substyle. This is a taste of Techno Culture! The French voice, it’s mine. I talk about sex – which is still the second best topic after love – without really talking about it.These new tracks are for my old friend – who is probably getting a tan up there – so he knows that I am not giving up and that there are more surprises to come. In 2020 with le virage, I am going the distance...- Hubert Blanc Francard.
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