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DJ Hasse
Hasse’s Fabrication EP

Hasse’s Fabrication EP
Hasse’s Fabrication EPHasse’s Fabrication EP


DJ Hasse




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 17, 2023

Västkransen Records, VKR007, DJ Hasse, Hasse’s Fabrication EP, kma60, kma60 exclusive

DJ Hasse is the alter ego of Erik Danielson—co-founder of Västkransen Records and one half of the duo Bike Thieves. Written and produced in the spring of 2023, his solo debut ”Hasse’s Fabrication EP” is now ready for the shelves. With two original tracks and a remix by Stockholm’s up-and-comer DJ Beverage, the record delves through styles and genres that Erik loves and always includes in his DJ sets.

On the record’s title track, DJ Hasse gives us a glimpse of the 1980s with a bass-driven italo piece ornamented by arpeggios and synthesized strings. On the B-side, ”For My Friends” increases the energy with a euro house inspired tune built on a steady breakbeat groove. The record then closes with DJ Beverage’s own take on ”For My Friends”, which strips it down to its essentials and turns it into a bouncy UKG belter.

Available in a month

Nov 17, 2023

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Hasse's Fabrication



For My Friends



For My Friends (DJ Beverage Lusting For Piano Remix)


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