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Echoes Of The Port

Echoes Of The Port
Echoes Of The PortEchoes Of The Port






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Feb 9, 2024

Hypnohouse, Troy, Troy VS, Echoes Of The Port, HPNHS006, kma60 exclusive, kma60

We are pleased to present the new Hypnohouse release! Troy VS, originally from Odessa and now exploring Berlin's vibrant soundscape, brings an EP inspired by the echoes of his native PORT club and memories of his coastal hometown. Dive into the lush mix of buzzing leads, otherworldly pads, and a steady kick that takes your mind on a cosmic journey.

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Altered Circuits dives deeper in the world of playful and versatile club music with roots in the early 90's! There's an obvious parallel between Ildec's DJ performances and his own music.Part of a scene with a focus on extended, broad-minded sets, the Ibiza-based artist lets his yearning to unearth and play obscure gems flood into his production process. The "Ahora Si EP" is testament to this adventurous spirit as it tackles a wide array of tempos, styles and moods.Opener "El Principio" and closer "Grt Plschr" display Ildec's fondness of hazy, recondite atmospherics. With its sustained ambient chord, delay-washed newsreader samples and manipulated themes, the former sounds like a fever dream radio bulletin.On the latter, a broody motif meanders alongside loosely played drums, while a buried bass guitar occasionally reveals itself. "El Break Del Dia" furtherly explores some of these elements, but this time with the dance floor front of mind.Languidly morphing bass sequences and staccato synth salvos build up anticipation. When a slowly emerging, ceaselessly arpeggiating organ lead finally materialises, the track explodes. Natural flow is partly traded for sturdier form on the remainder of the EP. "El Break De La Noche" lets an ever-modulating lead groove alongside rigid, dry drum beats.Descending tom fills, truncated squeaks and a top layer LFO gone haywire complete this sparse yet exciting cut. "La Nueva Version" has a similarly efficient bassline as its bedrock. An interplay of zaps, risers, transposed percussion, and other dusty cartridge samples pulls it left and right while subtle disorienting hints of speech thicken the mix.On "Modificacion", Ildec moulds his take on progressive and tech house into its toughest shape. A druggy, bleepy lead twirls in and out of the track, carried by the road-tested combo of a taut drum pattern and a piercing backbeat bass. Ominous chords and equally menacing vocals mark its aim: to create tension in the club. It is a standout on a diverse, daring EP we are delighted to present as the fifth release on our label.
«I am the bridge between the day and the night that never ends, I am the acid drop that beads on your dancing body, I am the metallic breakthrough that crosses your being when I catch your wet hands, I am the brutal wave that grazes your dark gaze and your tired eyes, I am the titanium and the cyprin, I am the adrenaline, I am that being that invents, desires and revolts, I am that jolt of desire that tears me when it is dark, I am a psychoactive substance diluted in honey, I am the back that you caress, I am our first and last dance, I am the one who seduces you, I am the one who obsesses you, I am the solitary dance that bewitched me the first time we met, I am the cry muffled by our restless bodies, I am the movement that pierces and unfolds as if it were the last. I am solid and liquid, mechanical and organic, I am your first and last time, I am Baraka.»French duo Baraka present their first eponymous EP.Dive into their cathartic universe in which they celebrate their love for club culture using powerful TR8s, incisive break beats, synthetic layers inspired by trance and trip-hop as well as cavernous female voices.This alliance of electronic music, 90’ aesthetics and dreamy undulations intertwine like the yin and yang and promise a mystical universe with futuristic imagery.
12th release by SameSame (German duo) on the label Sequalog run by TC80.
This work is the result of a musical exploration between Joseph Muñoz and Faunes Efe where their principal influence was the traditional rhythms of colombian caribbean territory like Cumbia, Porro and Vallenato, merging it with other musical styles like IDM, Ambient, Industrial, Techno, Drone, Field Recordings, No Wave and everything they felt like to listen. The recording process of this album was made by processing acoustic percussion, voices, samples and field recordings of the atlantic coast in Sucre, Colombia.
B From E, the enigmatic producer from Denmark has been turning heads and rocking parties across Europe, showcasing his amoebic demeanour via his all-encompassing sets and rave-centric soundtracking. The Danish darling has found his sonic home, in deep digging for rave-tinged 90s garage and breaks, and channelling them into his own concoctions, using their educative, lucid inspiration. ‘Amnesia’ is the culmination of his latest musical direction, threading the twines of acid debauchery and old-school beats through a groove-tinted prism. B From E helps you to forget about your future, and live in the hallowed past.
After recent resurrection from the early 90s on labels Mirror Zone, Animals on Psychedelics and Klasse Wrecks, Memphis returns with the Essences EP brought to you from timezones past and present.Staring at the eye peering from the centre of Side A you’ll find yourself aboard an Obsidian Submarine roaming through an alien world’s vast oceans battered by clanking synths, drenched by foaming acid and awash in tense pads.Coming ashore the buzzing tribal rhythms and floating ambience of Essences provide an immersive hyper-real landscape to consider the fundamentals of where we’ve been and what we’ve seen.Moving over to Side B, where the eye seems to have melted into a distant nebula, On Stranger Tides conjures a liana-covered lost temple built from ancient rock kickdrums and bone-dry hihats permeated with stuttering chants and a plaintive call into the night.Finally we head back to 1994 to rediscover an old prog house gem dug up from the Beneath a Different Sun EP, omitted due to time constraints from the Mirror Zone 2018 re-release, and now given a chance to breathe again.Thanks to Jeremy Hegge for his beautiful field recordings and Snoozy of Rat Face Records for all his sonic guidance.