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Nothing Will Stop An Idea

Nothing Will Stop An Idea
Nothing Will Stop An IdeaNothing Will Stop An IdeaNothing Will Stop An IdeaNothing Will Stop An Idea








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 26, 2024

Noneside Music, Nothing Will Stop An Idea, NNS008, Slava Los, Yevhenii Loi, Lostlojic, Luschn, aqua, kma60 exclusive

Like a phoenix from the ashes, or Ukrainian culture after centuries of demolition, the Kyiv based label Noneside Records is experiencing its revival and rebirth. After all, «Nothing will stop an idea whose time has come» - these words of chief Stepan Bandera make it clear to everyone: if you really burn with sincere emotion for your dream - no difficulties will stop you on the way to its realization.

Five unique tracks from Slava Los, Yevhenii Loi, Lostlojic, Luschn and aqua. - is a tech house with elements of trance with soul and passion from musicians who write music despite the war. Visualization of the whole action on the record is the picture «The hug» by the Lviv artist Oles Derega.

Slava Los makes his debut on vinyl with the beautiful track «Snus» - old school trance in the best traditions. The author now defends the borders in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so he decided to fulfill his old dream about the vinyl. Yevgeny Loi is also currently in the military, but this did not prevent him from making a new version of «Bounce» - a trance for a slow, erotic dance mood. Lostlojic, who is also the art director of the project, recalls the important message of «Send Me F16» in the uncompromising track of the same name, or rather in its VIP version created especially for the release. Known to vinyl collectors for releases on Deeptrax and Infinite Pleasure. Luschn, a Kyiv legend and mega productive musician, known to tech house maniacs for his releases on Vector.Kyiv and Noneside, invites you to have fun and crazy dances with friends to his rehearsed «Ostinato Transdanz». Newbie aqua. has a unique recognizable style, where the rhythm is constantly changing in each track, nostalgic for the favorite place of childhood - near the Hydroelectric Station in Zaporizhzhia, crazy beats and steppe motifs in the track «H.E.S.».

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Slava Los - Snus


Yevhenii Loi - Elastic Bounce


Lostlojic - Send Me F16 (V.I.P.)


Luschn - Ostinato Transdanz


Aqua. - H.E.S.

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