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EV 003




1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jun 1, 2022

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Timeless 90's Ambient masterpieces from legendary UK artist Solar Quest.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Sing The Whalesong


Idyll Waze





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Marco Funari’s Music Institute Records make’s a return with it’s first ever release from 1993, remastered and re-released. Another lost house classic !
Västkransen Records are proud to release the debut EP of Stockholm's house savants HK. The main project of Hampus Ribbing and Kristoffer Banks, HK have garnered attention for their dynamic and unpredictable live sets. Having spent five years in the studio engineering their deep and mesmerizing grooves, the duo now surfaces with 'A Kind of Love EP', featuring three original tracks and a remix from French wunderkind and D.KO head Flabaire.On the A-side, HK begins with the melancholic but captivating 'A Kind of Love'. The duo then goes deeper on the hypnotizing, yet dancefloor-oriented, 'Hiccup'. On the flipside, Flabaire presents a dreamy and jazz-inspired remix of 'A Kind of Love', after which HK sums up the EP with 'Angry Bird', a percussion-infused take on the rougher deep house sound
Eagerly awaited yet patiently bubbling under the surface, UwU dust bath emerges with its primal offering; a deeply generous and authentic sonic array from low-key prolifics Purelink. Pure, unadulterated aural alchemy. Everything has a perfect place. An evolving trademark of Purelink’s delicate, yet deliberate, chillout ecstasy.UwU 001 is rooted in the group’s most sincere and early jams; exuding an innocent magic almost impossible to recreate, tranquil effervescence of the highest nature. An immersive sense of bliss exudes from even the initial vibrations of the A side. Each track is thoughtfully paired with a complimenting remix on the B side, preserving and echoing the ethereal essence while adding a personally inspired touch, nurturing fresh existence and perspective.Three otherworldly originals harmoniously colluding with an intercontinental all-star cast of remixers. xphresh (special guest DJ & Ben Bondy), Low Flung and Nice Girl – each respectfully contributing to the synonymous mutual (& virtual) affiliation, kindredship and vision entrenched in the UwU ethos.The synergy throughout this entire release reveals an unspoken affinity and divine love language between the label and artists that can translate to how we feel and absorb music, its sound and a subconscious sense of intimacy and connection.
For release 13 on Subsequent we didn't have to look far, in fact just explored the incredible talent of the next generation producers within the UK. The result is striking. 4 powerhouses of tracks tailored for every situation on the club floors. A1 delivers a hell of a breaks track, whereas A2 goes into a more cinematic direction but no less powerful. B1 fires up the rolling acid while B2 is made for those heady late moments in the club.
Brad P, Producer from UK/US, delivers a nice selection of Deep Techno and Future Jazz on the swiss label Moto Music. Besides DJing and producing Techno Music he also runs the label Inner Shift Music and Common Dreams together with Rai Scott.
Kineta is out with their final record in their Proto-series, the power duo consisting of our very own Oprofessionell and Ute-affiliate and friend Alpha Tracks. The final record brings high speed euphoria, together with hypnotic, trippy trance cuts and an emotional downtempo track on the b-side.

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