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EV 003




1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jun 1, 2022

EV 003, Solar Quest, Expanding Vision, EV003, Electronic Music, Vinyl Records, Chat Noir Distribution, Chat Noir store,

Timeless 90's Ambient masterpieces from legendary UK artist Solar Quest.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Sing The Whalesong


Idyll Waze





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Back with his second release on DEMO TEST, Roy Vision explores the different layers of an original, raw and multidisciplinary house music.“4” represents 4 variation styles that the producer fell for many years ago. The selected tracks were produced between 2017 and 2019, with dance in his sight, as demonstrated by the success of the track “La Danse Groove” in the eyes of House Dance lovers."Nina’s Talk" give off strong and mastered rhythmics; the energy of the tracks sends us directly to New Jersey of the 90’s. “Feelings” stays geographically close since it crawls in underground New York, where jazz and house music met. “LL Tribute” is a spiritual connection between Chicago and NYC. It’s a hidden tribute to one of the main characters of the underground New York scene, between The Loft and Paradise Garage, where all social and cultural background were blending, dreaming of a passionate freedom.
From different latitudes, they have come.Look up the noise they bring.Open up your mind.Strange times are here...Vinyl OnlyLimited to 200 copies
New imprint led by Shonky aka Gangster Le S, showcasing some of his infamous studio excursions.
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Altered Circuits' next release comes by way of Bologna-to-Berlin transplant Jacopo Latini. On the Motherboard EP he combines stubby drums and sultry, efficient basslines with richly hued synth work. Once the cuts get going, a tapestry of melody reveals itself: gated leads are accompanied by burbling arpeggios, momentous chord progressions and bright pads that crawl in and out. The patches often incline to the bright and dreamy but are deployed with restraint; in the same vein, concealed and aloof vocal samples get sprinkled in. These techniques - staples for the artist - add an inscrutable quality to his work's mood. It is dance music that feels direct on the surface yet hides more ambiguous emotions underneath. Being a DJ was Latini's first approach to the electronic genres, and it arguably still is his main inspiration - it even occurs he writes tracks with a specific venue in mind. Since starting over a decade ago, and having meanwhile swapped the local Italian stages for the international ones, he has amassed a ton of analogue gear to help him do so. On this occasion, he plugged in his Roland D-50, Moog Sub 37 and microKorg XL, among other favorites, to take on progressive, trance and tech house. "Motherboard", "High Voltage", "It Comes In The Morning", and "Dual Effect" make for a diverse selection but have indeed the same objective: the club floor.
Digging Deeper 4th release strikes again with a Maurizio Verbeni secret early dark garage weapon , limited press , remastered louder than original . don't sleep